Top 40 Online Retailers Customer Satisfaction Survey For the Holidays 2011

We already know that during the holidays online retailers had a big boost in traffic and sales (as reflected in November web brands report) and now there are also answers about the consumers satisfaction from those top online retailers in the holiday season.

In a new research from the customer experience analytics company, ForSee, the top 40 online retailers are being analyzed, graded and ranked according to their customer satisfaction performances. The company has surveyed more than 8,500 shoppers from the top 40 retail sites in November-December. Here are the main findings of the research:

Total Satisfaction At Highest Point Ever
It seems that in general, the top online retailers managed to provide great shopping experience as the satisfaction is at its highest point ever (79), just like in 2009 after in 2010 it fell by one point.

Top 40 Online Retailers Satisfaction In General

The Winners- Amazon, Avon and JC Penney
Amazon has established itself not only as the biggest online retailer but also as the best customer experience provider for the 14th time in a row (!) with a score of 88 (above 80 considered excellent). Later in line on the list with a score of 83 are Avon, JC Penney, QVC, Apple and Vistaprint.

Top 40 Online Retailers Satisfaction Winners

The Losers- Overstock and Gap
It is important to mention that no top 40 online retail company received a terrible score, however, Overstock (72) and Gap (73) received the lowest ones. Other companies that didn’t perform so well (again, relatively) are and Sony with a score of 74.

Top 40 Online Retailers Satisfaction Losers

The Biggest “Jumpers”- TigerDirect, JC Penney and Dell
TigerDirect (+6 to 79), JC Penney (+5 to 83) and Dell (+4 to 80) had the biggest increase in satisfaction score. Other improved online retailers are Vistaprint, Home Depot and Macy’s with 3 point increase each.

The Biggest “Droppers”- Netflix, Gap and Overstock
Netflix suffered from the biggest decline in satisfaction (-7 to 79). Gap (-5 to 73) and Overstock (-4 to 72) also had a sharp fall.

For your convenience, here is the full customer satisfaction list divided by categories:

Top 40 Online Retailers Satisfaction Full List