“There Is No Keyword Density Recipe To Rank High”

I remember that when i just began my work at home journey five years ago, keyword density was one of the main issues that occupied my SEO efforts. However, as time went by and search algorithms has improved, the value of keyword density has declined drastically and today it has a very little SEO significant.

I already touched this topic briefly back in July when i discussed on how to keep things simple when working at home and i stated then that the word density on your pages doesn’t really matters in terms of search rankings, where today i even feel stronger about it. But why take my word on it? Take Google’s!

“Stop Obsessing About Keyword Density”

In a new video, Google’s spam team chief Matt Cutts is talking about the “ideal” keyword density of a page. Right from the start Matt is saying that there’s no recipe of density to rank high and it isn’t how it works- There isn’t any number of times or percentage to mention a certain term on a page that will take it straight to the top search rankings!

In fact, Matt explains that after mentioning the term “a whole lot” (keyword stuffing) it will even hurt the page’s rankings. His recommendation is simply to write naturally and not inserting your desired keywords artificially. He also suggests to read the content again (to yourself or to another person) and see if it reads right and not annoying the reader.

At this point, Matt is giving an example of too much mentions of a certain term in a text and how it sounds fake: “I know you are interested in red widgets because red widgets are the best… red widgets experts… red widget source…” (you get the point). When the search engine identifies the term is repeating over and over, it isn’t helping but hurting the page’s rankings.

The video is ending with a warning about people that tries to convince there is some rule about it, because they might just trying to sell you something… Here’s the full short video: