Officially: No More Google Panda Updates This Year

If you have waited for the next Google Panda update (or frightened by it), you need to have a little more patience by at least couple of weeks because for the rest of this year there won’t be any more Panda updates, Google has officially announced.

The official announcement about the Panda update came in a similar form like the last ones, in a Tweet. Google has continued its old-new weather reports tradition it began at early October and reported that there won’t be any other “major” Panda updates this year while referring to the original announcement about Panda on February. Here’s the official Tweet screenshot:

Tweet: No Panda Updates This Year

Why Google isn’t releasing more updates this year?

In mid-November 2003, Google has released its Florida algorithm update which was one of the major ones in its algorithm history. Just like the Panda, Florida had a tremendous all over effect and many websites were affected. The problem was the holiday season has just began, so many websites weren’t prepared.

Sites that received a boost in rankings weren’t prepared for big amount of traffic and sales and sites that received a hit in rankings, well, simply lost a lot of money. Since then, Google avoiding from any major search algorithmic updates during this time of the year.

Few Points To Think About

The last (officially known) Panda update occurred on November 18th, although there were some rumors about some small fluxes since then. Until now, the Panda Updates arrived in a 4-6 weeks gap between one another so the next one will exceed (probably by a week or two) from this time limit.

Another point to pay attention to, is that Google stated there won’t be any “major” updates for the rest of the year and stated nothing about “minor” updates. The last time (on October 14th) Google released a minor update it turned out to be not so minor at all. However, i doubt if Google will make even small algorithm changes after the Florida trauma…

One last thing- I want to commend Google for being much more open and transparent over the last few months. Not only the company is reporting about new updates and search changes, now it is also reporting about no-changes!

Google Panda Off For The Holidays
Off For The Holidays