Google Panda Update 2.6 Is On Its Way

Many webmasters and others who work from home have been waited for a while and now, about 7 weeks after the last update (Panda 2.5) and about 5 weeks after the “minor” update (Panda 2.5.2), there is a new periodical update on its way- Are you ready for Google Panda 2.6?

Google has released a (Tiny) weather report in a Tweet that there is going to be an algorithmic data refresh and that it is going to affect less than 1% of searches. In the Tweet, there is also a reference to the initial announcement on the Panda update back in February. Here’s a screenshot of the Tweet:

Tweet About Google Panda Update  2.6

As for the moment, i am still don’t seeing any major ranking changes, although there are few small changes but i can’t attribute it yet to the Panda update. Keep in mind that the last time Google had a weather report (in a Tweet by Matt Cutts), it took about a week until the actual update took place.

However, there are few reports from some webmasters on internet marketing forums that witnessing significant ranking movements. For example, in the Warrior Forum some users are reporting they lost their rank or gained them back after losing them in one of the priors Panda updates.

I don’t know how reliable are these reports yet as i tried few different search queries experiments myself and didn’t revealed anything significantly different yet (obviously we can be in the middle of the “Google Dance”). At any case, you should expect some traffic changes for better or worse in the near future…

Update: This update apparently has few different names in many resources online like 2.6, 2.7 or even 3 or 3.1. So just to be clear, this is the update on November 18th.