Google Panda 2.5 Is Here – Still Deadly But More Moderate

After almost two months, the Panda update has return! After many rumors and speculations across the web in the last few days, Google has confirmed to that they made another Panda update to the search algorithm, after 7 weeks since the last one.

When the Google spokesperson confirmed to WebProNews the new Panda update, she added that this is simply one of 500 changes Google are making to its search algorithm each year. She didn’t reveal the exact date of the update, but all rumors points out on September 28.

If you lose count, we are now standing at Panda 2.5- Some sources online calling it 2.4 but as Search Engine Land fixed it, this is actually 2.5. The last one occurred on August 12 and also rolled out internationally in all languages, which probably caused the mixed up.

What Has Changed?

Unlike the other updates where there were really significant ranking movements, this time its pretty moderate. From few search queries i made and tested, i can’t indicate on a new pattern or change in the backlinks-content balance that remained more or less the same since the Panda 2.3.

If you ask yourself when will be the next update, then according to the pattern (so far) that the Panda is being updated in 4-7 weeks gaps, the next one will therefore most likely to happen on the mid-end of November. But be noted that Google likes also to make some other algorithm changes near the end of the year.

At this opportunity i would like to refer you to an interesting poll that came out recently, examining which type of sites got hit the hardest from Google Panda.