Foursquare Presenting New Social “Save” Button

After completely redesigning its website, Foursquare is making another meaningful step for expanding to more users- The Geo-location social network has introduced a new social “Save” button for webmasters, so the users could bookmark their favorite pages and locations.

Foursquare's Save Button
Foursquare’s Save Button

Although the “Save” button resembles to other social buttons (Like, Tweet, +1), it has a slightly different concept- By a special HTML location metadata code on the page, the button identify the location data of the page and the user can save the brand’s place or a page that relates to one (review, article, guide that mentions a certain location).

Whenever the user is saving a location using the button it will be saved in the user’s To-Do List. Additionally, if the user is using Foursquare’s Radar (Catches things surrounding the user location), he will be indicated when he is close to the place he saved.

There are already many high authoritative websites that are using the Save button like New York Magazine, Time Out, CBS, Eater and AskMen in their places reviews, guides and articles so the button has a pretty wide distribution base.

How To Add The Foursquare Save Button

  1. The webmaster needs to install first the HTML location metadata code so the button will be matched with a specific location.
  2. Create and customize your Save button in this page.
  3. Copy the provided HTML code to your website (wherever you want it appear). That’s it!

The Foursquare’s Save button can be a great social addition to businesses with a physical location as this Geo-location social network is gaining momentum and attracts more and more users.

You can watch a short demonstration of using the Save button in this video: