Foursquare Completely Redesigns Its Website To Expand For All Devices

Foursquare, the leading geo-location social network, was at the beginning only available (its main contents) as an app for mobile devices. Afterwards, it opened up for PCs also, however in limited edition. Now, Foursquare is presenting a whole new redesigned site at that is fully supported with every device! Homepage Screenshot Homepage Screenshot Homepage

The main top bar which contains the search box, the activity and lists links, the user’s profile and setting, is now fixed whenever the user is scrolling up or down the page. At the top of the page there is a map with the user current location and can be expanded if clicking on the arrow below it. On the map appearing all things that may interest the user like friends or trending locations nearby.

The intriguing new feature is the suggestion box. It suggests on different close locations that the user may have interest in, according to the time of the day! For example, in lunch and dinner time it would recommend on restaurant and on the weekend it potentially can recommend on weekend related activities locations. Also, on the right side of the homepage there are brands on Foursquare the user might like to follow.


Places pages received also a new look and now they are looking much more informative and attractive- The page includes details like the place complete address, phone number, Twitter account and website URL (if available), it include the place location on a map, photos of the place and tips (comments) from visitors (watch in the photo below).

On the right side of the place page, the user can find how many people have checked-in in that place, who is the mayor and on how many and what lists the place appears on.

Foursquare Place Page Of Macy's


The Lists feature that been launched in August proved itself useful and engaging by many users. The Lists pages contains a fixed map when scrolling down the list and all places from the list are marked on the map. You can see an example in this screenshot of the List page “The Best Places I Have Ever Been”:

Foursquare List Page Of Best Places

Overall Impression

I think that this is an excellent step for Foursquare. The new design in looks promising and although the main usage of the site will remain in mobile devices, people can now start their trips, rides, travels, vacations or no matter what from their personal computer (or any other device they prefer) while the social networking service doesn’t limit itself for mobile users only.

From a marketing point of view, if your work from home business contains even the slightest geo-location characteristic, i would highly recommend you create an optimized place page because it might bring you more customers and exposure.