More Than Half Of eCommerce Visitors Logged Into Facebook

Facebook Logged InIf you have an eCommerce business, you might consider adding Facebook features to your online business to increase engagement and to improve your conversion rate… According to a new study, more than half of eCommerce sites visitors are logged into their Facebook account.

The study conducted by Sociable Labs which offer social media integration and optimization. It examined more than 450 million visits to multiple eCommerce websites in October, by using a special Facebook API called FB.getLoginStatus that identify the visitor Facebook log in status.

Logged Into Facebook and More Engaging

An average of 50.8 percent of all visitors to the examined eCommerce sites were connected to their Facebook account in October. College students had the highest average of being connected to their Facebook account with close to 60%. However, in all groups the Facebook logged in rate was high, 40% by the least.

The study also elaborated the Facebook logged in rate sorted by days of the weeks. It revealed that during the weekend, the Facebook logged in rate is slightly higher. Here’s the average percent of visitors logged in to their Facebook account while surfing in eCommerce sites sorted by days:

  • Monday- 50.4%
  • Tuesday- 51%
  • Wednesday- 50.4%
  • Thursday- 49.4%
  • Friday- 49.7%
  • Saturday- 51%
  • Sunday- 53.7%

The study additionally discovered that users who logged into their Facebook account are more engaged with the eCommerce sites contents- The click-through rate of those who were logged in was 1.9 higher by the least than ones who weren’t.

Last Thought

The holiday season is almost here and many people already began their shopping hunt in eCommerce sites while there are reports that this industry is surging, For example this report revealed that Black Friday related searches are up by 17% more than last year. If you own an eCommerce business, i suggest you to add Facebook features and plugins to maximize your site’s potential during the holiday season and also in general.