Microsoft Relocating and Renaming “Bing Daily Deals” To “MSN Offers”

MSN OffersMicrosoft is trying to make some order at the company’s deals services and it is going to change and relocate Bing Daily Deals to a new domain with a new name, MSN Offers. This move comes to eliminate the confusion with another deals service, Bing Deals, which is more of a deals portal that features offers from other 3rd party services.

Microsoft already sent all of Bing Daily Deals customers an email describing that the change is set to avoid the (apparently too much) mix up of the two deals services with the creative name “Bing Deals” and “Bing Daily Deals”. Bing Daily Deals Will transform into MSN Offers and suppose to provide the same exact services as before.

In the email, Microsoft also mentioned that attributing the daily deals service of the company to MSN (and not to Bing) “seems to make good sense”- I don’t know if trusting Microsoft sense right now is a good idea, after launching “Bing Editor’s Picks“… (really you guys, web directory?)

I tried to enter Bing Daily Deals old URL and it is already redirecting to the new MSN Offers. If you are still confused about the different changes and deals services, let’s go over it one last time:

  • Bing Deals- A Deals portal, aggregates daily deals from many 3rd party services on the web (still operates).
  • Bing Daily Deals- Offered daily deals (Currently redirect users to MSN Offers).
  • MSN Offers- The new renamed daily deals service (operates).

If your online business is involved or you intend to get involved with MSN Offers you can find more information in this page of MSN Offers For Businesses.