16% Of Employers Found Their Most Recent Job Through Social Network

In mid September i reported that the professional social network LinkedIn became one of the biggest employment sources online while many are seeking jobs via social media channels. A new study is reinforcing the social media job seeking conclusion, however, LinkedIn isn’t ranked as the first social employment source…

Jobvite, which provides recruiting software platform, has conducted an online nationwide study in the end of October among 1,205 adults (more than 18 years of age) and tried to identify job seeking behavior habits in our times where the social media takes a big part in.

The Social Media As Employment Resource

The study has showed that 16% of the respondents found their most recent job by using a social network, comparing to 11% from last year. This is a big rise (representing more than 45% growth) and it seems that this trend will only continue to grow as social networking just becoming more and more popular.

Additionally, 30% have found their most recent job through an online job board (just like from a newspaper). Although it isn’t surprising, it establishing the perception that the web is taking greater parts in all aspects of people lives.

Facebook The Leading Job Source Among Social Networks

The study has surveyed these 16% who found their most recent job from a social network, to examine from which exact social network was it. 78% attributed it to Facebook assistance, 42% have used Twitter and in only the third place with 40% was LinkedIn, which characterized itself with more professional image.

Social Networks Job Sources

I have to admit that i found it as bit surprising, after all, LinkedIn suppose to be the most business-oriented social network and therefore more directed towards finding employment, where in the end both Facebook and Twitter have outranked it.

I guess that employees and employers are seeking for jobs or to hire in places (social networks) where the database is larger and in this case, Facebook and also Twitter have the advantage.