Google Presenting AdSense For Search With Images And Retiring The Old Adsense Interface

Just recently i discovered that Google has added new nice improvement to AdSense for search (Google Custom Search)- It is now showing little thumbnail images next to the search results. The best part is, that it is completely automatic and no further action needed!

Google has announced it in a blog post at Custom Search Blog, mentioning that it will work properly only in CSE that have been created by the Search Element hosting option. Webmaster who are using CSE created by the Iframe hosting option may encounter difficulties seeing the thumbnail images. Google also provide a photo in the post, showing how it suppose to appear:

CSE With Thumbnail Images

From a work at home point of view, it isn’t so much contributing to the online business earnings because it improves the users engagement with the organic results and consequently reducing the engagement with the paid results (which the webmaster earn from). If you want to disable the thumbnail images appearance option, take the following steps:

1.  Enter your CSE account and the search engine control panel.

2.  Click on the Look and feel tab from the left sidebar.

3.  Under the Choose or customize a style category click Customize (of your preferred style).

4.  Uncheck the Show automatic thumbnails box and save.

Old AdSense Interface Now Gone

I want to use this opportunity to report (if you haven’t discovered it yourself already) that Google has retired the old AdSense interface the new one is now the default and only one available, as the company announced it will be in late September.

I already seeing many complaints and requests to bring back the old interface, but i doubt if that would happened… I am using the new interface for more than a year now and i am pretty satisfied and don’t see any fundamental problem with it, so if you haven’t switched until now, you should get used to the new interface!