The New AdSense Interface Will Become The Default And Only One In November

Google begun testing a new AdSense interface in November 2010 and after a year of examining it (using users feedback) and offering web publishers the possibility to switch between the old and the new interface, the company has announced that from mid-November the new interface will become the default and the old one will vanish.

The Link On The Upper Right Corner

Google recommend all AdSense users to switch to the new interface as soon as they possibly can, so they will get to know the new design, layout and features while they still have the choice to toggle between the two interfaces. To switch to the new interface (or back to the old one), click on the “Try the new AdSense interface” link at the top right corner on your AdSense Account (as in the photo above).

Better Reports, Better Control

Among other things, The new interface provides greater detailed reports like countries, platforms, products and even combining up to 3 dimensions to one report (Multi-dimension reporting). You can find in the following article more information and guidance about the new AdSense interface features.

Another great addition to the new interface is the Ad Review center which provides the publisher a much greater control on ads that appear (or suppose to appear) on his website. You can watch this video for more information about the Ad Review center feature: