LinkedIn Continues To Grow – Has More Than 131 Million Members

The business-oriented social network, LinkedIn, is continuing to grow and establishing itself as one of the most dominant forces in the social networking industry. At the company’s quarterly financial results reports (LinkedIn is a public company), the company revealed that it now has more than 131 million members.

LinkedIn disclosed that above 15 million new members have joined the social network in the third quarter of 2011 (63% increase compared to the parallel 2010 quarter) and the total number of registered users now stands at 131.2 million. Also, the social network has 87.6 million unique visitors every month in average (64% increase compared to the parallel 2010 quarter).

The growth in mobile social networking users also reflects in LinkedIn stats- Mobile users are constituted 12% of the total quarterly unique visitors and for 10% of the page views. These numbers represent a 400% mobile growth within a year.

Even though that in terms of members, traffic and revenue, LinkedIn is growing fast and reported better numbers than wall-street analysts have expected, LinkedIn share dropped by about 6% on Friday. However, it is important to remember that LinkedIn is the only social network that is a public company so we can’t compare it to any other similar company from the market.

The Second Most Popular Social Network?

LinkedIn is battling for a long time now (in the last 2-3 years) with Twitter, who’s the second most popular social network- Facebook is by far number one and Google+ is still in its early stages. Every now and then, a new report or study is being released and discovers very close gaps between the two, so we can’t crown any of them yet as the undisputed second most popular social network.

The latest report i found (from Forrester Research) reveals that 28% of the total US online adults have a LinkedIn account, this is slightly above Twitter with 24%. According the study, LinkedIn had the deepest penetration to people from the 32-45 age group.

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