Bing Webmaster Tools Expanding To Provide More Details

Bing WebmasterDuane Forrester from the Bing team has announced that Bing Webmaster Tools will expand to provide more details for more transparency. The updates derived from many webmasters feedback and suppose to be the biggest expansion to Webmaster Tools since June.

Additionally, Bing offers free $50 in adCenter advertising credits to webmasters, to allure them to use Bing’s advertising platform. Bing-powered search sites (including Yahoo) holds about 30% of the US search engine market share which is pretty significant, so i recommend work at home webmasters to go over the recent updates:

More Crawling Details- More information about inbound links within the domain including 300, 400, 500 codes, Malware problems and robots.txt issues.

Email Alerts- Expansion of the email alerts features to include issues like Malware on the site or suggestions to change the crawling setting so Bing would have more access.

URL Normalization- In addition to the possibility to add site’s parameters by the webmaster, Bing will offer suggestions for the website, very similar to URL parameters in Google Webmaster Tools.

Index Explorer Deeper Data- More information will be available such as traffic filter.

Site Verification Via DNS- A third option to validate domain ownership by placing CNAME record to DNS.

Integration Of Data From adCenter- adCenter stats will be shown directly on the traffic section, elaborating each keyword average CPC and bid on Bing’s top or side SERPs (see photo at the bottom).

Overall, these are nice and productive additions to increase the transparency from Bing. Although the adCenter integration is an aggressive promotion method, it actually can offer valuable information for those who seek advertising in this platform.

adCenter Data on Bing Webmaster Tools
adCenter Stats On The Traffic Section