Search Engine Market Share – September 2011

The search engine market share reports for September have arrived from the top research companies comScore and Experian Hitwise, both presenting the same picture: Google gained a little more share on the expense of the Bing-Yahoo (not so successful) search alliance.

The comScore Report

The report from comScore reveals that Google managed to top the 65% share again, after falling a little behind it in August and it now stands at 65.3%. The big loser in September was Yahoo after dropping to 15.5% from 16.3%.

This leads the Bing-Yahoo search alliance to 30.2% combined, after Bing remained unchanged at 14.7%. Ask also held its ground at 3% and AOL climb to 1.5% from 1.3%.

comScore Search Engine Market Share September Report
The Experian Hitwise Report

The findings from the Experian Hitwise report shows a little bigger increase to Google share- It went up to 66.12% from 65.09%. Similar to the comScore report, Yahoo also suffered from a drop to 15.27% after in August it climbed to 15.89%

Bing also had a little drop to 12.8% from 13.1% and that puts all Bing-powered search (including Yahoo) at a total of 28.07% (down from about 29% in August).

Experian Hitwise Search Engine Market Share September Report
The Status Quo Remained

For more than two years, Microsoft didn’t manage to break Google search share and in fact, the situation since Bing was launched in June 2009, stay almost exactly alike- Google keep standing around the 65% market share while Bing and Yahoo (separately in 2009) keep standing around 30% market share combined.

Microsoft keep losing a lot of money on Bing, while it is yet unclear how the current situation can drastically change… How much longer could Microsoft endure these losses?