GoMo – New Initiative To Assist Mobilize Websites

GoMo LogoGoogle has just announced on a great new initiative for online business owners- A site to support webmasters to make their website more mobile friendly for people who use mobile devices. The new site is called GoMo (short for Go Mobile).

The main idea behind launching this website is to provide the users better surfing experience when using mobile devices, while today only about quarter of all websites have a mobile version. Google stating that a research has found that 61% of users won’t return to unfriendly mobile sites and consumer engagement increases by 85% with a mobile friendly site.

What Can Be Found In GoMo?

Why Going Mobile? – A section that is dedicated to explain why is it so important to create a mobile friendly site. It includes nice visual statistics, friendly mobile sites examples and studies about sites that offers a successful mobile version.

GoMoMeter – Maybe the most efficient feature of GoMo is that you can test how your website is appeared on a mobile phone. After you enter your site’s URL, you would see how it looks like on a mobile device. You can also answer a quick questionnaire and receive recommendations and suggestions on how to improve your website.

Resources To Build Mobile Site – This section offers varied resources of vendors to build a mobile site which can be filtered by service type (full/partial), cost and time-frame to build. Also, it recommend of using Google Places for businesses and Google Mobile Ads (Google’s got to eat).

For Agencies – A dedicated section for agencies to assist them convince their clients to go mobile.

Overall it looks like a great initiative by Google and it can certainly help all you work at home business owners to mobilize your websites and promote few of Google’s product on the way…

For more information about GoMo, you can watch this video: