More Hacking Attacks Around The World – “The Nitro Attacks”

There are always attempts to hack into websites/emails/computers by using the web. Just less than two weeks ago i discussed a report by Commtouch about hacked accounts and now, another report (this time from Symantec) reveals more cyber attacks campaign named “The Nitro Attacks”.

The main target of the Nitro Attacks were chemical technology companies but there are also reports that before they (the hackers) were focused on human rights organizations and companies from the motor industry. Apparently, behind these attacks stands Chinese hackers group after tracing the attacks back to China.

The attacks methology was pretty simple- Hundreds of targeted recipients received a “naive” email with file attachment. This file was actually a self-extracting backdoor Trojan called Poison Ivy and when it was activated (after been opened by the recipients), the hackers had access to the target’s computer.

Although the biggest number of attacks happened in the USA (27% of the total attacks), the geographic location of the infected computers is spreading across many countries around the world, as you can see in the following chart:

Geographic Location Of Infected Computers

If you remember, similar attacks were in the center of the crisis between Google and the Chinese government when (allegedly) Chinese hackers hack into many Gmail accounts of people from human rights organizations. Now it seems that the attacks are escalating into the business arena.

This is where you online business owners who work from home become the targets- Whether if its to steal your content, secrets, create 301 redirect to other sites or just stating the hackers political views. So remember not to open any email from someone you don’t know and certainly don’t open any unfamiliar attachment!