Google’s Matt Cutts: We Do Not Consider SEO To Be Spam

Many work at home people have debated with themselves and with others if SEO is considered to be spam by search engines. In a recent video by Google, Matt Cutts (The head of web spam team) answers this question: “No, we (Google) don’t consider SEO to be spam”.

Matt continue and explains that the meaning of search engine optimization is trying to make sure that your website is well represent within search engines and that there are plenty amount of white hat SEO methods to help and cooperate with search engines so they will find pages better. Matt also offer few examples:

  • Making sure pages are crawlable and accessible.
  • Keyword research to avoid keywords mistakes.
  • Better design usability.
  • Make the site faster.

Matt mentions that in spite that Google don’t see SEO as spam, they are still fighting with people who use it for black hat methods like keywords stuffing or “do sneaky things with redirects”.

What was pretty surprising to me, is that Matt even had recommendations when hiring someone to do SEO: Someone who tell exactly what he’s doing, person who has good references and you have seen his work.

So to conclude, keep doing SEO (the white hat kind) while you work from home, because it will probably assist you to rank better legitimately.

Here is the video: