The Cycle Of Social SEO – What Is a “Great Content”?

I really love to read a real great piece of content on the web that challenge my intellect and makes me think about how to improve my current courses of action. Lately, i have found in the TopRank Blog this kind of great piece of content about What Does “Great Content” Mean, Anyway?

Defining “Great Content”

Lee Odden from TopRank Blog discuss how “great content” is actually defined- Is it defined by social indications (Likes, Tweets, +1’s)? By the number of comments on the post? Or maybe it is the author that defines it as great? Lee’s definition is (and i agree in general) that great content is what people share, spread and link to, from other online sources.

If you think about, there isn’t a better indication for a really great quality content than links from other online sources (backlinks in the professional language)- Links are a way to communicate on the web and therefore when many sources are linking to you, you probably pretty important…

The Cycle Of Social And SEO

In order to demonstrate how the whole theory makes sense, Lee presents the The Cycle Of Social & SEO:

The Cycle Of Social And SEO

Create And Promote Optimized Content- First, alongside the keyword research for search, conducting a keyword research for social: Finding out what people are talking about in the social web. Once creating this social optimized content, promoting it to the proper social audience.

Content Is Shared And Grows Awareness- Your social audience is appreciating the content and share it with others.

Increased Exposure- The first wave of exposure creates a second wave of subscribers, fans, friends, followers and eventually more links.

Search And Referral Traffic- The first and second waves (possibly even more) of exposure and links increasing search engines visibility (search rankings).

Further Research With The Traffic- Using the increased amount of traffic for further keyword research for search and for social.

Last Thought

The most important stage is the first one- Creating a unique quality content after understanding what the people are looking for! When doing it properly, at a certain point the marketing efforts works automatically while our work from home becomes much more easy, focused and productive.

Watch this video of Lee Odden summarizing the cycle process: