Blog Commenting – How, What and Why

Many people who work from home debate this question- Does blog commenting work? It is not a secret that the influence on rankings from blog commenting has been reduced drastically since the entering of no follow tags, which in usage of many (probably most) blogs. So does it worth our time and efforts?

Before i offer my humble opinion, i want to point out on three important points:

1. There are still some do follow blogs out there.

2. Unlike what many thinks, no follow links still worth something, drive some link juice and therefore can improve somewhat the rankings.

3. As opposed to to the prior point, too many no follow links can suggest spamming to search engines, which can damage rankings.

Confused? Let me make some order:

If you managed to find a do follow blog in your niche that approves your comment, it can consider as a strong link.
I know that you might be a little confused from my second point, because a no follow tag tells search engines not to follow… Well, although its reduces the link power greatly, some still remain… Think about it for a moment- Although, you define it as a no follow, its still there on your page where visitors can see it, doesn’t it?
The third point i made is very important to understand so you will not fall like many that auto submit comments to hundreds of blogs every day- When search engines identifies that a considerable amount from the total number of backlinks are no follow, it most likely will flag it as spam! That is never a good thing…


Blog commenting should take a small part of your work at home marketing efforts. However do it very moderately and don’t push it… Try to find a few do follow blogs from your niche and even .gov and .edu do follow blogs.
Proper blog commenting strategy can contribute to your rankings and increase your brand presence.

Here are a few tips when blog commenting:

1. Read others comments – By reading others comments, you can understand better your chances for getting approved.

2. Relevant comment – Leave a relevant comment that can donate some value. I for example never approve comments like “Great post…” or “Thank you for the information”.

3. Link inside the comment body – Unless the link is somehow related to your comment, it can get it rejected.

4. Anchor text (name) – Some blogs accept keywords as the anchor text and some not. By reading others comments you could know.