Complete No Follow Tag Guide

Until 2005 internet marketers and SEO companies blew the internet (mostly forums and blogs) with links to manipulate the search results. At that year Google find a solution to this problem- No follow tags. What is is exactly? How to identify a no follow link? How to use it for your online business? Find all the answers here!

What Is It Exactly No Follow Link?

When you see a no follow link in a page, it looks exactly the same like a do follow link because its not intended for humans, its intended for search bots! The only difference between no follow and do follow links, that in the HTML code of the link there is a simple addition: rel=”nofollow”. The complete link code looks like this:
<a href=”” rel=”nofollow” >Anchor Text</a>

The purpose of the tag is to “tell” search engines that you don’t want to drive the link juice and therefore it has no SEO value. This is the main reason many blogs, forums and any other web 2.0 site are using no follow tags- To eliminate the SEO value of links that they can’t control completely (signatures, comments). Also, it reduces spam because spammers avoid posting in these places.

It’s important to know that although search engines don’t pass along the link juice they still follow these links and index the linking pages. This is why social bookmarking websites for instance are recommended only for indexing pages (all their external links are no follow).

When To Use No Follow Tags For Your Home business

If you are running a website that users can create and add content like a blog or a forum i strongly suggest you to add some automatic plugin to make external links made by users a no follow. Also, consider using this tag for advertising or affiliate products you promote on your site.

Where To Find Do Follow Resources?

I have created few lists of few do follow resources, but be warned that these websites have zero tolerance towards spamming:

Do Follow Blogs – A list of high Pagerank blogs from the business world.

Do Follow Forums – Top internet marketing forums on the web.

.Gov And .Edu Resources – Highly authoritative resources with high Pagerank.