A Guide to Selecting the Best TV Provider

Did you know, on average, adults in the USA watch just over 5 hours of TV per day?

With all that TV watching, you will surely need a variety of channels to keep your interest. Whether it’s sports coverage, world news, talk shows or TV dramas, you have to make the decision on which TV provider to choose.

Sounds easy enough, but it can actually be extremely difficult. TV Provider websites can be complicated, and become more difficult to understand when they add a variety of bundles, packages, and promotional prices.

But instead of burying your head in the sand and just picking a random TV provider, read our tips below! We can help you choose a provider and package that will meet your needs, budget and leave you with a smile on your face!

So let’s get started!

Do Your Research

First of all, you need to do a little digging. Find out which cable or satellite providers are available in your area. You can use certain websites to find this, just type in your address and they will provide a list of options for you.

Ask neighbors and friends about their TV provider and what their experience has been. Ask questions like: Does their service ever go out and how often? How would they rate their TV providers customer service? How quickly are issues restored?

For some extra information, you can always check legitimate online surveys. For example, the American Customer Satisfaction Index publishes an annual report on the happiness of customers for popular TV providers.

You can also check out less official comments from customers, such as on their customer service pages, Facebook pages, and others.

Yes, doing a bit of research can help you get a clear picture before you commit.

Do The Math

A good TV and internet bundle may be able to save you a bunch of money. So do the math and figure out if buying your TV cable and internet together can save you money. It’s a smart option because it can result in getting more services for less cash.

Bundling services can also simplify paying your bills. Instead of paying several different companies for services, you can pay one company for everything.

Before you take the plunge, you’ll need details on the internet speed you require and the kind of broadband you need (DSL, Cable or fiber optic). Once you’ve decided, this will narrow down the number of service providers in your area.

But not all bundles are good. Check the price of each service individually and then compare with the bundle price. Sometimes on the outside, it looks like a great deal, but when you sit a little deeper you find it’s not worth it. So get your calculator out and check those figures.

Make a Decision

Make a decision in choosing your channels. Many pay for hundreds of TV channels that they don’t actually watch.

Whether you’re a news junkie, a sports fan or are addicted to talk shows, write down a list of must-have channels, and then a list of bonus channels that you might like. Be realistic about how often you’ll actually watch them. Is it really worth forking out an extra $10 a month for something you only watch now and again?

Then check which TV provider offers all of your must-have channels. If they offer channels from your bonus list, consider that as an extra perk!

After reviewing, you may even decide that you don’t need a TV provider after all. You may be content with free broadcast TV and using streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu.

Set Your Budget

Yes, before signing a contract, you need to consider the price. Carefully evaluate plan pricing between multiple providers.

After you’ve done your homework, you can make sure you are getting the most for your money, and that they offer everything you require.

Don’t be tempted to go for something that seems to be insanely cheap. Quality is more important. Especially when it comes to customer service, channel lineup, plans, and service integration.

Get a Deal

Cable and satellite companies are keenly interested in making new customers. They, in effect, roll out a red carpet for new customers with several deals and discounts available.

Some companies even knock off $20 or more for the monthly price for the first year. Others offer additional channels or premium channels for free for a limited amount of time.

So compare promos and deals from each TV provider. Especially around the holidays or deal weekends such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Always take a note of when the promotion will expire, and mark the date on your calendar. Then you won’t be caught out with a high bill. You can also use that date as a reminder to evaluate your TV package.

Negotiate the Price

Yes, Haggling! It may not be something you’re comfortable with, but it is definitely worth doing when you’re arranging your TV provider.

Bartering the price down could trim your costs extensively. Or they might even give you extra free services.

Before you try it though, you should have all the facts. For example, know exactly what other companies are offering and at what price. They will fight to have you. So give them a challenge!


Another popular option that has become available is having access to content anytime, anywhere. This allows customers to watch what they want on their television, online or their mobile device.

If this is something you require, again make sure to do your research. As this is a fairly new feature, it can still be quite expensive.

An essential extra is good customer service. You need to be confident that whenever issues arise you’ll be guaranteed to have efficient and speedy support. So before you buy, compare customer service hours and guarantees.

Once you’ve chosen your TV provider, how can you set it up? If you’re in the UK, try TV Aerial Company for expert installation services.

Choosing the Right TV Provider

As you can see, choosing the right TV provider isn’t a walk in the park. You have to do your research, know exactly what you need and be willing to fight for the best deal.

So take a deep breath, and follow our handy tips and advice and you’ll find the right one for the best price!

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