How to Find the Best Software Programmer

Regardless of the company you own, you probably need a software programming professional. But if you don’t have knowledge of technology, it’s difficult knowing if the software programmer you hired is good or not.

In a saturated market of programmers, it’s easy to choose one who’s cheap or looks good on paper. But this is why many companies fail to find a good software programmer.

There are certain qualities and experience to find in a legitimate programmer — even a non-programmer can identify a good professional from a bad one.

Before finding a software programmer, use this advice and find the best programmer for your company.

Ask for Referrals

The easiest way to find a great programmer is by asking your colleagues. The good ol’ fashioned “word of mouth” comes in handy here.

Even if your colleagues aren’t programmers, they know when their technology works and when it doesn’t work. They may not know the technical language, but they can at least tell you their programmer can do the job.

Referrals also help you know if the programmer is legitimate or not.

Do they meet deadlines? Are they communicative and offer transparency? You want someone talented and knowledgeable, but you also want someone who’s professional.

But this advice only works for freelance programmers or programmers who outsource their services, such as this company that does software development for startups. What if your colleagues hire in-house programmers?

They can suggest qualities to look for, what experience they should have, and even suggest some interview questions.

Use Social Media Other Than Job Searches

When hiring a programmer, you can find candidates on social media easier than on job searches. The reason why is simple: lots of talented programmers gravitate toward social media, and you can view their work in their portfolio.

You can join Facebook and LinkedIn programming groups. Befriend the members, and mention you’re looking for programming candidates. You can also search forums such as Reddit and search programming subreddits.

Chances are, these programmers work freelance and are always looking for new clients. They’ll be happy to connect with you and help with a few projects.

Even if you don’t find candidates, you’re connecting with talented programmers. You’ll have a better understanding of the programming world and will know what makes a good programmer.

Give a Test Project

Say you find a potential candidate.

They have a great resume, are very personable, and the interview went well. But what about their skill? So the candidate demonstrates their skill, offer a test project. This is the best way to gauge your candidate’s talent and knowledge.

Keep in mind, it’s courteous to offer payment for the assignment, even if you don’t hire the candidate.

If you still don’t think you can understand a candidate’s skill based on a test, ask the candidate to describe their process.

Then, research the tactics they use and examples of that work. If the candidate’s work matches up with your research, they’re a great hire.

Time to Hire the Best Software Programmer

Finding a programmer is difficult if you’re not a programmer yourself. But you don’t need to know programming jargon to know if a candidate is fit for the job.

There are methods you can take, such as hiring a referred freelancer or giving a candidate a test project. You can also connect with other programmers and outsource them or ask for their hiring advice.

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