The Best Gifts to Give a Marijuana Lover

Whether you think of them as a stoner, a weed lover, a cannabis enthusiast, or as simply a pothead, chances are you have a friend who likes weed more than the average person.

The next time you need to get this person a gift, you’ll have plenty of options. There are a number of different marijuana gifts you can get that will make a marijuana lover feel as good as a pot brownie would.

Let’s look at some of the best pot-themed gifts that you can get your cannabis-loving friend.

Marijuana Merch

Thanks to the popularity of cannabis, there seems to be an endless supply of clothing, keychains, mugs, and other goods devoted to showing off a love for marijuana.

You could get your friend a shirt with the molecular structure for THC, socks with a marijuana leaf pattern, a mug declaring “I love weed,” or even a phone case decorated with joints and lighters.

There are so many merch options that there is bound to be a cannabis shirt or mug out there that your friend will love.

A Nice Grinder

Getting your weed into small little pieces is hard without a grinder. With a grinder, you can easily break up cannabis in order to roll your own joints or blunts, as well as to make smoking a bowl easier and smoother.

Getting your friend a nice grinder will make their life easier and better. You can break up weed without a grinder, but using a proper, nice grinder makes it easier and more efficient.

Most stoners are used to using any old grinder, or even other grinder-less methods; getting them a nice, quality grinder would be an excellent gift.

Stash Bag

Stashing weed in a plastic or paper baggie in the back of an underwear drawer should be a thing of the past for a marijuana lover. A high-quality bag or box for your friend to store their marijuana in is one of the best marijuana gifts you can buy.

Specialty bags and boxes are made to seal in any marijuana smell so your friend won’t reek of weed if they bring the bag or box with them. You can also get bags that are waterproof and stylish, so your cannabis-loving friend can stash weed in style.

The Green Stuff Itself

Perhaps the best gift you could give someone who loves cannabis is cannabis itself! Whether that’s gifting them a joint, a blunt, or some buds, you know it will be greatly appreciated.

If you want to get fancy, you could gift them some edibles. You could make them special brownies or splurge on some artisan cannabis chocolates to give them a high-end and high-quality high.

The Best Marijuana Gifts: Wrapping Up

Buying marijuana gifts for a marijuana lover is something they will love and appreciate. They will get great use out of a marijuana gift, whether that’s a marijuana leaf phone case or a cannabis-laced box of chocolates.

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