8 Interesting Facts about Marijuana Most People Don’t Know

Marijuana is now legal for recreational use in eight states across America.

In 21 states, medical marijuana possession is now legal.

You may be familiar with the common uses marijuana provides for people suffering from chronic illness, such as cancer patients who use marijuana to cope with the harsh side effects of chemotherapy, but there are more facts out there.

Read on to discover the 8 most interesting facts about marijuana.

1. The Marijuana Plant Can Be Used To Make Rope

Did you know that the marijuana plant is not just for smoking?

The plant itself can be turned into various forms because the plant fibers, called hemp, are easy to manipulate.

Back in the day, let’s say over 10,000 years ago, the hemp fibers were used as crafting activity done by the earliest humans. These humans would weave the strong hemp fibers into baskets.

For the Mayflower, parts of the ship such as the sails and ropes were created out of fibers that originated from hemp. These interesting facts about marijuana date back to pre-colonial times when the first inhabitants of the country used whatever techniques they could to craft their own tools.

A lot of industries use strains of hemp in the modern day, too. Major textiles, cosmetics, and fuel industries use the oil and fibers by the marijuana plant to produce new products.

2. Marijuana Helps Animals

If your dog or cat lives with anxiety, there may be a way to provide them with help.

Medical marijuana is on the rise as a method to treat animals living with health problems, such as feeling separation anxiety once their owner leaves for the day.

Other diseases that marijuana can be therapeutic for include glaucoma and cancer.

Studies are being conducted to prove this theory.

In a study done by The American Veterinary Medical Foundation, Dr. Boothe believes there are “signs of some therapeutic effect benefit”. One story, in particular, involves a horse who was suffering from degenerative ligament disease.

The horse, named Phoenix, was able to start walking and eating like normal after receiving a small amount of the cannabis in her daily meals. Her owner was stunned by the progress Phoenix made.

Shortly after starting her on the cannabis treatment, her pain associated ligament disease lessened until her owner says Phoenix now looks and feels incredible.

3. Bob Marley Revolutionized The Industry

It’s truly a fact that Bob Marley revolutionized the weed industry.

He is noted as a major marijuana icon. He was not limited to being remembered as a brilliant reggae artist.

Bob Marley was a proud smoker and not many understand his religious reasons for lighting up during his performances.

Bob Marley was a holy person. His connection with the Rastafarian religion in the 1960s guided him to feel in touch with his art through using the plant that would feed his mind.

Today, the Rastafarian community continues to consider marijuana as one of its sacraments. Naturally, Bob Marley was also buried with a bud of weed and his Bible.

4. Marijuana Can Help Mestatsis Cancer Cells

Researcher Sean McAllister has discovered the ultimate power of marijuana, killing off bad cancer cells.

Extensive laboratory and animal testing show excellent medical possibilities in the future of eliminating cancer.

In the study, the team of trained doctors combines a non-toxic chemical compound found in marijuana, called CBD with high levels of ID-1.

He created a mixture of Cannabidiol or CBD that could shut off 1D-1, which is the mutated gene that causes cancer to grow. This is great news for people suffering from aggressive cancers.

5. Marijuana Treats Chronic Pain

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain.

From arthritis in the wrist to back pain, there are many physical ailments that people of all ages face today.

Something to help alleviate the pain from these health problems is medical marijuana. By visiting a certified medical marijuana dispensary blog, more people can learn how to use marijuana to benefit their bodies.

6. Marijuana Helps With Mental Ailments

People can feel the benefits of alleviating pain with other mental ailments, too.

Medical marijuana treats post-traumatic stress disorder pain and depression.

Low doses of TCH, the well-known psychoactive compound found in marijuana, can cultivate relaxation to loosen up the bouts of depressive thoughts.

Stress is a constant part of life.

People feeling extra stressed out can turn to marijuana as a way to cope with negative thinking. Some strains, such as Mango Kush, are easily consumed at nighttime to offer users a sense of peace before heading to sleep.

The flavored strains are also tasty and enjoyable to have.

7. More Interesting Facts About Marijuana: Less Car Crashes in Colorado

Since it’s legalization in the state of Colorado, the highway safety patrol has estimated the number of car crashes has decreased.

Some people believe that if you smoke while driving a car you are more likely to crash. However, this is statistic is simply a myth and there is no significant data to back it up.

There is no link between smoking weed and increased likelihood of crashing a car. The act of smoking marijuana actually makes a person feel more alert, as opposed to alcohol which can severely inhibit one’s ability to drive a motor vehicle.

8. People Do Not Go to Jail For Possession of Marijuana

Let the interesting facts about marijuana continue!

Did you know that only 1% of arrests for the possession of marijuana lead to actual jail time?

About 750,000 arrests are made during the year in the United States for marijuana-related offenses, yet just that small number continue any further.

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