7 Ways a Packaging Company Can Benefit Your Business

packaging company

Let’s talk packaging. You know, the branded graphics seen on virtually every product in every store. Without it, no one would know what products were what, did what, and were “superior” to others. We’d live in a world of brown boxes.

While designing packaging is important, physically getting that packaging onto products is a whole other issue. You’ll need packaging company many businesses don’t have.

Let’s make an example for clarity. We’ll start with the basics.

Packaging 101

Before manufacturing ever happens, packaging starts with the design. They’re intertwined processes. One cannot exist without the other. And with design, first impressions mean everything.

Strong Branding

People make first impressions within the first seven seconds of discovering a new brand. There’s little room for error. With today’s immense brand competition, you need a positive first impression.

What’s the best way to make a first impression? Package branding. Branding determines how consumers view your business, down to the minute details. In a study conducted by Cornell University, people were asked to view two Trix cereal boxes.

On the first box, the rabbit made eye contact with the consumer. On the second the rabbit looked down. The researchers found that brand trust ranked 16 percent higher and feelings of connection 28 percent higher on the box where the rabbit made eye contact.

Building that simple connection using strong package branding increased Trix’s ability to sell their brand to consumers. You can use the same concept to your advantage.

Combined With Package Manufacturers

So you have strong branding, but it means nothing without a company that backs up your ideas. Low-quality packaging is everywhere. From off center writing to faded colors, choosing the wrong packaging company can destroy even the best brand image.

It all comes down to choosing the right packaging company to work with your brand. You need someone reliable, who delivers high-quality work. Let’s take a look at the ways the right packaging company can benefit your business.

Bring Designs to Life

First and foremost, a packaging company exists to help bring your branding designs to life. Whatever you envision, it’s their job to create the labels and wraps you’ve designed.

They need to turn out high-quality packaging so you can focus on other aspects of your business. While some companies own their own packing facilities, it’s usually not the case for everyone.

An outsourced company has the time and resources to create your packaging to exact specifications. They specialize in creating packaging, while your business probably doesn’t.

An Unboxing Experience

Consumers demand high-quality everything. There are a plethora of choices in every industry. Standing out can mean the difference between failure and success. And sometimes, it’s the consumer experience that helps a brand stand out.

Let’s talk about Apple. Before the iPhone revolution, Apple still had a reputation as a company focused on the consumer experience. The iPod packaging was notoriously sleek, and people took notice. It enhanced the consumer experience.

That same concept still applies today. YouTube is full of unboxing videos where people review the product’s packaging. And the research backs this up. Packaging has a direct relationship with consumer satisfaction and increased spending habits.

Simplicity Means Savings

In addition to endearing your brand to consumers, sleek, minimalistic packaging also means less material. Fewer materials mean less investment and ultimately a better return.

A professional packaging company can help you strike the best balance between quality materials and minimalistic packaging. You’ll please both consumers and your bottom line.

Durability Means Quality

There’s more to packaging than just looks. Aesthetics don’t matter much if the package arrives broken or destroyed.

It’s a difficult balance to strike. You’ll need to find a company that’s dealt with serious brands. They need to demand the best from their packaging. Apex 360 Packaging Studio makes a good example.

They’ve worked with Fortune 1000 companies, offer case studies of their work, and have enough connections to source affordable materials.

Quick Pivoting

Growth is the ultimate business goal. Every company wants to expand profits, sales, brand reach. Though with growth comes different expectations. You’ll need more packaging; maybe different packaging.

Third-party packaging companies can ensure your business has the ability to pivot your branding with ease. If your R&D guys think a different packaging scheme works better, the right company can help you roll with the changes.

Quick Scaling

Like pivoting, scaling also comes with growth. You’ll need to ramp up your production without any delays. Professional packaging companies can help keep up with your growing business demands.

A larger packaging company can make sure they’re (and you’re) able to keep up with increased packaging needs as your business grows. It could mean new branding, packaging, and pivoting.

Building a Connection

Packaging companies make money when you make money. The more products you ship the more packaging you need, and the more money they make. It’s a symbiotic relationship where their success is linked to yours.

To make the most of it, you have to build the relationship. A long-term business deal could mean insider tips on what’s hot, what isn’t, and the first pick of special materials to improve your packaging aesthetic.

It’s like building a relationship with any other company. The more you give to them, the more they’ll give to you. It just so happens that packaging is crucial to your business, and building solid supply chains isn’t easy.

Choosing Your Packaging Company

Choosing a packaging company comes down to identifying what you need. What are your growth goals? What are your sales goals? How much inventory do you need to brand?

Always choose a company that can help your business achieve everything you want. A reputable company becomes an extension of your own business. Their supply chains are your supply chains.

Take the time to find the best packaging company for your needs and your success will show their merits.

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