What are the Benefits of Using a Water Softener?

water softener

Having the best quality of water depends on where you live. Most people can’t control their entire circumstances based on water supply, though.

If you have hard water, but don’t want to pack up and move elsewhere, there’s a workaround that has helped people for decades. It’s known as the water softener.

These handy inventions don’t have to be expensive, get the job done, and help your water function at optimal efficiency. Best of all, you’ll save more money using one of these than getting bottled water delivered right to your door.

Learn more about the benefits of having a water softener, and why every house should consider this a worthwhile investment.

Your Appliances Last Longer

Hard water and appliances aren’t things most people associate with when it’s time to install a softener. Does what comes out of the pipes have a lasting effect on your appliances?

It does, and having hard water shortens the lifespan of items, from washing machines and dishwasher to water heaters. Particularly with water heaters, the potential for scaling, or build-up in the water heater increases when you have hard water.

What happens when left untreated? The appliances begin building up scaling, or getting gunked up. Because they can’t run as efficiently, they have to work harder to get the job done.

Even then, that’s still not enough.

When you have a softener installed, you avoid these problems and keep your appliances with you for many years to come. This saves you additional money since you aren’t replacing appliances every few years.

Consider how often you want to deal with the problem of hard water. If the answer is never, look into installing a softener.

Everything Cleans Better With a Water Softener

Ideally, pure water that is free of lead and other buildup is the best for the home. It’s hard to find this in every home, and may not be possible where you live.

The problem with not using a softener when you have hard water is things won’t get cleaned properly. Your dishes, floor, and even clothing have hard water stains that aren’t easy to rectify.

If you run your dishwasher to clean glasses, you’ll find stains left over from the hard water deposits. This occurs no matter how much soap you use or how hot the water is.

No one wants to find hard water buildup in their home and be in the situation where cleaning feels like a losing battle. If you’re in the process of making upgrades to your home, such as putting on new faucets, do yourself a favor and look into having a softener installed.

Despite the upfront cost, you’ll appreciate the cleaner, clearer water for many years to come.

Water Heats Faster With Help from a Water Softener

If you find your water takes a long time to heat up, double check and see if you have hard water. Part of this reason is due to how hard water affects the water heater.

If your water heater has scaling building up inside it, the heater won’t work effectively and take longer. You’ll run out of hot water sooner than it gets created.

This translates into cold showers, ineffective appliances, and a water heater that works overtime for a job it can’t complete.

Hard water sometimes wears or brakes the parts within the water heater, making it work part-time. Use a water softer such as AquaPure Solutions, and keep everything in working condition, including your morning shower.

Your Plumbing System is Cleaner

The pipes in your plumbing get clogged up easily with deposits from hard water. That’s why a water softener is important to keep everything in running condition.

Homes that have hard water need their pipes replaced on a regular basis. While replacing piping doesn’t sound like a big deal, it becomes labor intensive.

You’ll go a day or more without water, as a plumber works to change out all the pipes. Depending on what kind of pipes you need or how old your system is, this could be an issue that takes longer than expected when it’s time to order a part.

By controlling how much hard water enters your home, you can prevent the problem from getting out of hand. You’ll save time and money, and won’t go days at a time without water while waiting on a plumber.

It’s Healthier to Drink

If you had the choice of drinking clean, purified water or hard water that hasn’t had anything removed, which would you choose?

It’s obvious that most people would opt for water that had a water softener. Not only does it taste better, but it’s safer and better for your body.

Everyone in the home benefits from purified water that uses a softener. This includes everyone from parents, children, babies, and even pets and plants.

If you drink a lot of water and don’t want to worry about the unhealthy side effects of lead or other additives in your water, get a water softener installed.

It’s cheaper than having bottled water delivered to your door, and you won’t worry about the effects it poses to your family when cooking or bathing.

You Don’t Need to Worry About Clothing or Hair Discoloration

Hard water does more damage than most people realize when it comes to clothes and hair. Because both coloring and hair are porous, they absorb the hard water in your home.

In clothing, this translates into items that are gray and discolored. When it comes to hair, some folks develop a brassy color that takes special salon treatments to remove.

Other hair problems you might develop include flat hair and faded color.

Make a change with the type of water that gets filtered into your home, and install a water softener today.

You won’t spend as much money getting your problems corrected at the salon. Your clothes last longer and get cleaned properly with each wash.

When making changes to your bathroom, consider minor upgrades, such as adding a fan, and getting rid of problems related to your hard water.

Having One Saves Money on Your Water Bill

Having a softner put in causes you to spend extra money, but what you’ll save in the meantime makes up for it. By not taking care of a hard water problem, you’ll subject your home to appliances that break down, clothing that dulls and need an extra system to clean your water for drinking purposes.

It’s more expensive to have hard water in your household than it is to solve the problem. Getting a softner means you’ll save money in the long run, and avoid the physical problems that arise in your home, such as getting a new washing machine installed.

Help your home extend its lifespan, and eradicate hard water before it becomes a problem.

Keep Your Sinks and Tubs Looking Like New With a Water Softener

Hard water has the unpleasant side effect of discoloring tubs and sinks. Because of the build-up that is present in hard water, when it sits in the sink or rub for any period of time, this leaves a distracting discoloration.

If you have white fixtures, this is unpleasant and difficult to get rid of.

You can use bleaches and other powders to clean it out, but this results in frequent cleanings, spending time getting rid of the discoloration, and extra money on supplies or cleaning people.

In contrast, having a water softener means you limit the amount of contaminated water coming in and damaging your fixtures. Do yourself a favor and take a defensive stance when dealing with hard water.

You won’t need to replace fixtures as often because of the discoloration, and your home has a neater look to it. Best of all, your sinks and tubs don’t need replacing when you decide its time to move on to another home.

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