Questions to Ask a Budtender Before Using Your Medical Marijuana Card

questions to ask a budtenderWhile some people who obtain their medical marijuana cards are familiar with the products, most people aren’t. Views on marijuana use have rapidly changed in the last few years.

Those from older generations were brought up to think marijuana was a dangerous gateway drug. Younger generations see it as a life-changing drug that can help everything from anxiety to Parkinson’s.

Thankfully, medical marijuana dispensaries come equipt with budtenders who are well versed in all things weed. They can help you determine which products are best for you.

To help you out, here are a few great questions to ask a budtender.

Are There Any Changes to the Laws?

Currently, 30 states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana use in some form. The laws are constantly changing, though usually more in favor of the patient than in restricting the weed.

Of course, you’ll need your medical marijuana license first to even enter the dispensary. If you live in Michigan, check with Quantum 9 to learn how to get your card. For other states, visit your state’s website to learn more.

However, laws at the local level change much more quickly than they do at the state and federal level. When that happens, it’s less likely to make the news than it would if the changes were happening at a higher level.

The questions to ask a budtender should be to keep you safe. Knowing what laws you must abide by is the best one to start off with. That way, you’ll be in full compliance with the latest laws.

Ask About the Newest Products

When it comes to questions to ask a budtender, knowing what’s fresh on the menu is a great one. This is usually one of their favorite questions.

Budtenders are more than happy to answer all your questions about the latest products they have in. Sometimes they might be edibles or even a new strain that might be able to help with your symptoms better.

Don’t forget to tell your budtender exactly how you want to consume your weed. That is, what strain(s) work best for you. Let them know how high you want to get. Also, mention to them how and where you’re planning on ingesting the medical marijuana.

Questions to Ask a Budtender Should Include Asking About the Latest Specials

Everyone loves a deal. Questions to ask a budtender should always include asking for the specials of the week.

While they are selling a drug, a dispensary is still a retail shop. Which means their objective is to make high sales. Any good shop will always offer some sort of a special.

Sometimes it could just be that if you purchase a certain amount, it comes with a free joint. Other times, you might get a great deal on a new bong.

Inquire About a Recommendation

Do some homework before you enter a dispensary. Especially if you’re new to medical marijuana.

There is a difference between Sativa and Indica strains. Some strains are even a hybrid of the two. Learn what each strain does to find out which type will work best for your needs.

The budtender is here to help you find the best product(s) for your needs. Questions to ask a budtender should be focused on that.

Don’t forget to mention to him or her if you’ve had any negative experiences with certain products. The more he or she knows your preferences, the easier it will be for them to help you.

Ask What the Budtender Knows About the Strain or Product

No two strains are alike. It depends on where and how the plants are grown and then processed.

These questions to ask a budtender will help you learn exactly where the cannabis flowers, extracts, and other products come from. You can also find out if they were grown indoors, outdoors, and whether or not they were farmed under organic and sustainable.

You’ll also find out if any of the products were tested in a lab before arriving in the store.

Determine What Effects You’ll Feel

Each person will have a different reaction to cannabis. They’ll also have a different reaction to different batches.

Before you buy, one of the questions to ask a budtender should be what effects are most noticeable with the type of strain you’re planning on buying. Have them describe to you the sensations you can expect.

Like a pharmacist, have he or she explain to you whether they recommend it for daytime or nighttime use. Then ask if you’ll find yourself feeling a more uplifting, cerebral high or if you’ll feel more physically sedated.

Investigate How Potent the Stain is

Some people love getting really, really high. They enjoy feeling silly and happy and being without a care in the world. However, that type of strain also makes it really difficult for people to get anything done. Sometimes, that’s exactly what someone is looking for.

Others prefer a strain that alleviates their symptoms but still allows them to function fully. Which is why one of the questions to ask a budtender should include how potent the strain is.

Strains with the highest content of THC tend to be the most potent. In fact, any THC content over 20% is considered strong.

However, THC is only one factor. Terpenes can also amplify psychoactivity when they interact with cannabinoids.

Meanwhile, high CBD content may not actually have much psychoactive effect at all. However, a high CBD content will help patients looking to help with analgesic, anti-anxiety, and anti-inflammatory struggles.

Pick the Budtender’s Brains to Find Out Their Reaction to the Product

While everyone is going to have a different reaction to the cannabis, it’s really helpful to get the opinion of someone who has tried a strain already.

That way, you’ll know better what to expect. The budtender can tell you how high they felt and whether or not they noticed it alleviated any symptoms.

Keep Asking Questions and Learning

Medical marijuana is still in its infancy stages. There’s a lot to learn about how it will affect you.

We love educating our consumers so they can live a happier, healthier, more informed life. Keep coming back to read our latest guides.