How to Choose the Best Gaming Computer Desk

computer deskGaming is a strenuous activity that requires absolute concentration. The smallest distraction could result in a poorly executed move that sends gamers back to the last checkpoint.

For that reason, gamers need the best gaming equipment available — including the best computer desk.

Why Gaming Computer Desks Matter

Gaming is a mentally engaging venture. Gamers must pay attention to every move made on-screen — and off-screen — in order to succeed.

Although gaming is mentally engaging, very little physical activity is required. In fact, the only body parts needed are the eyes, brain, fingers, and hands.

That holds doubly true for PC gaming. Console gaming allows gamers to move around a bit and find their own position. Some console gaming even requires movement, as was the case for many Nintendo Wii games.

PC gaming isn’t like that. To play PC games, gamers must sit in front of a computer in the same position for hours on end.

Remaining erect in the same position for a long amount of time can lead to medical problems. Common medical problems associated with sitting include heart disease, anxiety, and diabetes.

Then there is posture to consider. Poor posture causes pain that can worsen into multiple issues, including depression and poor circulation.

For these reasons, it’s imperative that gamers choose the best gaming computer desk on market.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Computer Desk

There are many factors to consider before deciding on a desk. After all, no situation — or person — is the same.

Let’s review these factors below.


The first factor you should consider is size. Whichever desk you decide on should fit comfortably into your home in the spot you’ve chosen.

Prior to shopping, take a spool of measuring tape and measure the spot’s dimensions. Take the spot’s length, width, and height. Don’t forget to factor in room for the chair.

Next, take into consideration your dimensions. If you’re tall, you won’t fit correctly at a small desk. You’ll have to slump or bend your legs at an unnatural angle.

Likewise, if you’re short, you’ll have a lot of trouble fitting correctly at a large desk. You’ll be sitting on the edge of your chair trying to reach your equipment and see what’s going on in your games.


There are three basic computer desk shapes.

First, there’s the classic straight desk. The surface is a simple rectangular board with no additions to it.

Second, there’s the U-shaped desk. It has extended boarding on both sides that “wrap” the gamer. The two extensions allow for more room on both sides of the desk.

Last, there’s the L-shape desk. It has extended boarding only on one side.

A PC gamer’s desk preference usually depends on their level of seriousness when it comes to gaming.

For those who casually enjoy PC games, a classic straight desk is the way to go. It has enough room for a monitor, mouse, and headphones.

More serious gamers will turn to a U- or L-shaped desk.

Serious gaming entails using more than one monitor. The extra monitors extend into one screen so gamers can see more of what is going on around their character.

Serious gamers can use the extra space for placing food and other things so they don’t have to get up as often. After all, you can’t expect to make dinner when you’ve got an important battle against a rival clan to fight!

Shelf Space

The main desk area isn’t the only place of interest to PC gamers.

They’ll need additional space for their games, gadgets, and other computer equipment.

Prior to making a decision, consider exactly what all you want to put on your computer desk. Measure your monitor and tower plus other large pieces of equipment such as your printer and fax machine.

You need to make sure everything will fit on whatever desk you decide to buy.


Many PC gamers use their desks as a storage space. After all, their computer is often where they spend most of their time.

Common desk accessories include cabinets, CD racks, and sliding keyboard levels. Sliding keyboard levels are especially attractive because they allow gamers to place their keyboards on them. In turn, gamers can free up room on the main desk area.

Again, consider what all you want to store around your desk prior to making a buying decision.


Everyone has preferences for how they like to do things. Even small things.

For example, many people have a preferred side of the bed they like to sleep on. They have a preferred sleeping position as well as a preferred pillow. All of their preferences make them feel more comfortable and thus sleep better.

The same goes for sitting and gaming. Gamers often prefer to have their equipment arranged in a certain way. The arrangement allows them to function efficiently and play better.


No one wants to continuously buy computer desk after computer desk. PC gamers are the same way. They need a sturdy desk that can hold heavy equipment and endure frequent, long hours of use.

While shopping for a desk, you should touch and try to jiggle every part of the desk. Doing so will help you judge the desk’s material and stability.

It can be difficult to gauge a desk’s durability online. Be sure to read reviews — with special attention paid to bad reviews — prior to making a decision.


Style is another factor that you should consider before buying a desk.

Think about your home. Specifically, think about the room in which you plan to place your desk.

What kind of furniture do you already have in it? What color are the walls?

Now consider the desk. What kind of desk do you think will look good in that room?

Of course, some PC gamers only care about the desk itself. For that reason, gaming computer desks come in a variety of styles, designs, and colors, including flashy colors. Check out Computer Desk Guru to see for yourself.

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