7 Benefits of Having a Private Fitness Coach

adobestock 60644785With about 300,000 personal trainers working today, it shouldn’t be hard to find someone who can cater to your personal fitness needs. While some people prefer to workout on their own, a private fitness coach can offer the kind of attention that helps people achieve.

If you’re having trouble staying motivated, you’re not alone. Two-thirds of people who are paying for gym memberships aren’t using them at all. With a private fitness coach, you won’t be wasting money paying for workouts that you’re not doing.

If you’re thinking about hiring a personal coach, here are 7 of the most impressive benefits you’ll get from them.

1. You’ll Achieve Your Goals

One of the most common mistakes that people make with their fitness goals is that they’re just too hard to achieve. They set one goal, losing a solid number of pounds, and then are surprised when they can’t meet that number.

As anyone who’s ever worked on a big project knows, it’s not about having one goal that’s hard to get to. In order to achieve, you need small manageable goals with short timetables.

Your private fitness coach will help you set better goals. They will take into account where you’re at with your health and fitness and get a sense of where you want to be through your workouts.

You’ll have small, manageable goals that you can meet each time you get together. Your coach will also keep an eye on your progress and keep you updated. If you need to be working a little harder, they’ll let you know.

They’ll also be there to celebrate with you when you meet your goal.

2. A Personalized Workout

Your personal coach will get to know your limits from day one. If you have limitations from an accident or simply because of age, they will be sensitive to that and work around them.

Each day, you’ll be working toward your own goal and end up with better results than you could get from a class or a book. As your personal coach knows your condition and any medical issues you’ve got, you can always be doing the most efficient and safest workout.

You can find a program that fits your needs and that you feel good about.

3. Personal Instruction

When you workout on your own, you could risk injuring yourself. At the least, you could risk performing a workout in an inefficient way that keeps you from ever meeting your goals.

They will be able to demonstrate each exercise and keep an eye on your form. This will help you get the most out of every session.

They may even be able to help with your posture by assuring that you’re using your muscle groups correctly. When you repeat any of these workouts at home or at the gym, you’ll be able to take their instruction in mind. You could even end up helping your workout buddies by passing the information along to them.

For examples of what kinds of personal instruction you can get, check out what JustFit has to offer.

4. Stay Motivated

Working out on your own means that you could slip into bad habits or forgive yourself when you put in a minimal effort. Having someone to help you maintain your pace can be a big help.

The relationship that you build with your private fitness coach will build over time and they will help you continue your regimen. Knowing that you’ll be meeting with your coach in the near future will motivate you while you’re working out.

That personal satisfaction of achievement and showing off your improvement could be a major motivator. As your exercise program continues, motivation will build exponentially.

5. Accountability

Without someone to track your trips to the gym or your number of repetitions, you could easily slip behind your earlier numbers. You might skip out on a class or a session without thinking twice about it.

A private fitness coach will help you to build accountability through a commitment to a steady exercise program. Going out on your own, you’re taking the risk of falling out of step with your routine.

Whether you’re working on your yoga practice or training for Ironman, accountability will make the difference between achieving or missing the mark.

In order to stick with the routine that you’ve built over time, it’s important to maintain a regular schedule with your favorite coach.

6. Mixing It Up

If you’re not a fitness or physical education degree graduate, you don’t necessarily know the variety of exercises you could be doing. Repeating the same routines over and over keeps your body from building muscle and will lead to your own boredom.

A great coach will teach you a wide variety of routines that you can perform so that every workout is a little bit different. You’ll end up getting the same great benefits without having to do the same specific workout day after day.

As you get stronger and as you improve, your coach can make small adjustments so that you continue to be challenged and your workout continues to improve.

7. Be Efficient

Time is precious and if you’ve ever spent time ambling around a gym while you wait for your favorite machine, you know you can easily waste time. Your coach knows how to make the most of your time, packing an efficient and powerful workout into your hour-long sessions.

If you have to run out to a meeting halfway through your workout on a given day, your trainer knows how to turn up the intensity so you don’t lose out. A good coach knows how to make the most out of time and challenge you no matter what level you’re at.

A Private Fitness Coach Will Get You Fit Fast

Once you find a private fitness coach that works for you, you’ll see working out in a whole different light. You’ll want to impress your coach and meet goals so that you can always be doing something new and exciting.

If you’re ready to start working with a private fitness coach, contact us to start hunting for the right one for your fitness level.