Traditional Business Promotion Isn’t Dead: 5 Tips for Success

For years, traditional business promotion techniques served companies well. Because of new technologies, though, people soon forgot about this impact.

Technology is great, but there’s no need to leave the tried and tested ways behind.

Promotions are key to the success of your business. They bring several benefits such as:

  • boosts sales and profits
  • increased brand awareness
  • attract new customers
  • provides important information to clients
  • generate buzz and word of mouth opportunities
  • differentiates your products or services from the competition

Since many companies are only using new methods, older methods will make your business stand out. After all, old school marketing only remains “old school” if you don’t know how to use it.

Keep reading to learn how to successfully use traditional business promotion techniques.

1. Make Your TV and Radio Ads Compelling

Because many companies can afford ads, consumers get tired of watching continuous promotions.

To get your message across, you have to find a different way to get their attention. Try a trending song, a popular celebrity, or a catchy story.

Make offers that will create weeklong engagement with your company. You could also feature something controversial to generate discussions in social media.

2. Create Billboards Millennials Can Relate To

People remember billboards with a standout image and message.

Unfortunately, many companies try to display too much information on their billboards. Having a busy advertisement detracts from the message.

Stand out from the crowd by keeping your ads very simple. For example, if you see the Swoosh logo with a ‘New Arrivals’ message underneath, you know it’s from Nike.

3. Send Higher Quality Newsletters

Newsletters are great tools for business promotion. The difference now is that most people are sending them via email.

Break this chain and go back to mailing your newsletters through the post office. Include breaking or conversational content in your message, since this humanizes your business. This is an effective business communication technique.

Whether print or email, make sure the newsletters are high quality. Give your subscribers a reason to read it!

4. Add Product Samples to Your Direct Mail

Online emails can tell you how amazing a product is and. Yet, direct mails with product samples eliminate the need to explain anything.

For example, you can send business card samples from Tank Prints. Customers can then decide if they want to buy the product.

With online messages, the customer relies on customer comments and professional reviews. There’s always uncertainty about whether the ad will be like the real product. This won’t be an issue with traditional promotional methods.

5. Use Popular Newspapers and Magazines

We’ve been hearing about the end of newspapers and magazines for decades. Yet, they’re still here.

Find the most relevant ones to your business and put your promotional messages there. Chances are high that many potential customers will see the message.

Learn More About Traditional Business Promotion

If you follow the traditional business promotion techniques above, your business will succeed.

While much of the world has embraced new communication methods like social media, some haven’t. With these traditional marketing techniques, everyone will have the opportunity to receive your promotional messages.

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