3 Great SEO Solutions for Self-Development Courses

seo solutionsThose with a calling to join the self-development world are unlike any other. They feel a desire to help people better themselves and reach their full potential.

And while speaking engagements are a great way to spread the word, nothing is more effective than a great website. However, the website is just the first step.

There are thousands of people out there looking for self-development courses. How can they find the perfect course?

Simple, with SEO. Also known as search engine optimization, SEO will impact where your site ranks on Google.

But there’s no need to hire a marketing agency to get the most of out of a site’s SEO. Here are 3 SEO solutions for self-development courses that can easily generate traffic.

Key SEO Solutions

1. Focus On Design And User Interface

So many business owners are looking at their sites the wrong way. Sure, it’s great that content and business info is all on the home page. But what about design?

Every site needs to be designed with the end user in mind. That means that even if a site looks good if it isn’t usable, it may as well be offline.

That may sound harsh, but Google agrees. Their algorithm prioritizes effective user interfaces and user experiences.

There are two ways to look at this: a detriment or a benefit. On one hand, yes, redesigning a site is hard work. But if a site isn’t usable, it’s likely going to face heavy SERP penalties from Google.

It’s worth noting that these penalties can be reversed, however, a reversal takes quite a bit of time and effort.

Take some time to analyze great sites to get design ideas. The Avatar Course website, for example, has a fantastic layout.

The menu design is clean, the home page’s text is clear and concise, and there’s a very clear call to action.

2. Research Keywords

At the end of the day, SEO content boils down to the use of keywords. These helpful words are terms or phrases that a customer may use when searching for a site.

Take self-development courses, for example. Someone searching for self-development courses may use phrases like:

  • Self-help
  • Self-development
  • Better life
  • Life coach

Spend a bit of time thinking of the words your audience would use to search out a self-development course. These phrases will change from time to time, so it’s important to find a good keyword research tool.

3. Focus On Content For Free SEO Solutions

Finally, the easiest way to boost a site’s SERPs is through great content. Having a steady stream of great, SEO-friendly content is great for numerous reasons.

First, content related to a business’s niche will improve their credibility. After all, there are tons of self-development courses out there. An audience wants to know that a course is trustworthy.

From an SEO solutions standpoint, credibility is primarily exhibited through linking. Google wants sites to cite their sources and link in a natural way. Otherwise, Google may flag content for being copied or spun.

But content also gives a unique opportunity to use keywords. Working keywords into content isn’t always easy, but it is quite rewarding.

Effective keyword usage in content is a great way to make sure a particular post or page pops up when a user searches using a similar phrase.

Final Thoughts On SEO Solutions For Self-Development Courses

SEO solutions aren’t always easy to implement, so don’t forget to practice. It’s okay if results aren’t great at first, stick with it. Remember to find the right keyword, link to sources, and make your site and content user-friendly.

Have an SEO solution that wasn’t listed? Be sure to comment below or get in touch.