Kids Can Play Outside All-Year-round On An Artificial Lawn

children play on artificial lawnUnlike adults, children don’t seem to feel the cold as much as us. This means that they’re happy to play outside no matter what the weather. If they’re playing in your garden, that your grass is taking a hammering all year-round.

Grass is often taken for granted in the grand scheme of things – flowers and bushes take priority when it comes to gardening, and other than the occasional trim, grass is rather neglected.

It is important that we consider all the things that grass goes through, why it is so important to have a nice lawn all-year-round, and how to achieve that with artificial grass.


We all know just how harsh the English winter can be. Whilst it might get colder elsewhere, it certainly feels colder here and the wind and the rain certainly don’t help matters.

But what’s worse is the frost and the snow. Most people don’t consider frost and snow much of a threat to their lawn, but turf grass can succumb quite easily to a fungal disease known as snow mould or fusarium patch. This can cause yellowish and brownish patches to grow in the garden, and by the time spring and summer come back around your children are playing in dirt instead of on the grass.

Of course kids can be just as much to blame for dying grass in the winter time. Stomping around in their wellies and creating big puddles of mud, grass can quickly die. If children play football in the garden, the grass will quickly be turned to mud.

Spring is when grass has an opportunity to grow and fix any damage done over the last few seasons. Unfortunately for the grass, this is also when the sun starts to come out and people start enjoying the outside again.

There are always more children out in the summer. This means more feet treading on more patches of grass and slowly wearing it out until there is nothing but dirt left. This is obviously most common in public areas, but it can easily start to effect the lawn in your back garden. And then, in the autumn, the grass begins to go dormant again, ready for another year of abuse.

Stop the Cycle  

So no, you can’t change the weather, and to be honest, our temperate climate is one of the best climates to grow lush green grass. And you can’t stop your children playing on the grass all-year-round, but what you can do is change your grass. Artificial grass is becoming a very popular option for families with children and an active outdoor life and that’s because it is designed to endure tough conditions.

Artificial grass dries off quickly and, because it is artificial, you don’t need to worry about cutting it every month. This means that your grass looks good all-year-round and it is ready to use at any given time.

Children and adults alike love to use the garden space, being outside is part of our nature, and whether it is to kick a ball around or to have a barbecue, we all want to have a good time in the garden without worrying too much about overusing it. Artificial grass means there is no limit to your outside fun, play football, croquet or putt some golf – it’s all doable with artificial grass.

Lee Tombs is the Founder of Artificial Grass Installers, with over 10 years of experience, Lee and his team have installed artificial grass in hundreds of homes across Essex, London and Hertfordshire.