Personalize Your Front Door Using 3 Front Door Painting Techniques

Front Door Painting TechniquesThey say don’t judge a book by its cover, but sometimes, what’s visible on the outside is what encourages people to want to learn more about what is on the inside. This goes not only for books, but for people and places too, including your own home. The front of your home should be well maintained and the yard groomed to reflect your care of the property. It is a general refection of the occupants within it.

One way to keep your home looking fresh is to keep the paint crisp. This applies to window frames, shutters, garages, and doors. Here are a few tips to help get you started on the application of a fresh coat on your own front door!

  • First it is necessary to collect all the materials you will need for your DIY project. This includes the paint and primer (exterior required) along with painter’s tape, fine-grit sandpaper, rollers and/or brushes to complete your coats.
  • Second, for best results, remove the door from the hinges and place your door on a sawhorse or blocks in a well-ventilated area. It is best tackle this project in the nicer weather, so rain and snow won’t complicate your work!
  • Next remove the hardware, such as knobs, locks, and hinges. Then, cover any glass or areas you do not wish to paint with painter’s tape.
  • It is always best to work with a clean surface, so before you begin painting, use a damp sponge to remove all grit and grime from the surface area. Allow to dry and use your sandpaper to lightly sand the area for best adherence to the paint.
  • Now, you can apply your adhesion primer to the door surface using a small, new, and clean foam roller to paint the door. Remember to start rolling from the inside to the edges of the door evenly. If there are any raised or depressed panels, use a foam brush to get deep into the crevices for better coverage. Keep in mind that these panels should be done first! Once the primer is fully applied, allow for sufficient drying time before applying your colored coat.
  • When you’re painting the front door of your home, you would want to master three key techniques so your results can look like the job of a quality pro!
  1. Cutting: Cutting is done to get corners and edges. First, dip your brush in paint, shake off the excess to avoid dripping, and then wedge the tip of the brush carefully into the inside corner. With a steady hand and eye, drag the brush along the edge. Remember, always start from the top and work your way down!
  2. Brushing: A quality brush will help improve your work. Dip the paintbrush into the paint, but only as deep as about 2 inches. Remove excess paint by wiping the brush against the sides of the paint can. Now you can start painting your panels. Start applying paint in the middle and brush it towards the corners with long, smooth strokes going with the wood grain. Once the panels are complete, a roller can be used for the frame.
  3. Rolling: A great approach with a roller is to place the can of paint into clean bucket larger than the paint can. You can insert a screen to discard any extra paint before your application. Once you’ve loaded your roller with paint, roll it up and down your screen to ensure saturation is even and excess paint is removed. Then, start from the top to bottom with smooth and long strokes, making sure the paint is evenly applied. A second coat yields best results.
  • When everything has dried, you can refit the hardware and hang the door!

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