How To Get That Finance Promotion

Finance Career PromotionWith the vast opportunities for growth within the financial sector, you may be unsure how to advance or wish to get a promotion but worried you might come across as bolshie if you ask. While it is best not to ask directly about a promotion, there are ways you express a desire to have the job you have always wished for.

Whether you are already working in the finance sector, or looking for a career change, here are some tips that might help;

Seek out companies that allow for growth

When seeking a new career path, try and look for a company that allows individual growth. Companies that are doing well will want to expand themselves as well as their employees, so looking for a company where you can move up can improve your chances for promotion. If that is not an option, perhaps have a discussion with your manager about opening up new roles, if there is a need. If that happens you might be asked to fill that role, as you are the one who suggested it. Keep an eye out for opportunities, especially on the company intranet and asked to be kept up to date if anything arises.

Be proud of your work

If there has been a task or job that you have done especially well, make it known. Provide your manager with updates regarding your work. Notifying your manager will show them that you are capable and you are ready to move forward.

Take on more responsibilities

Nothing increases your chances of a promotion more than taking on more.  Ask your manager if there are any jobs that you can do, provided you can demonstrate you are capable of handling them. Putting more effort into what you currently do, for example, turning up to work on time or a little bit earlier to get work done and prepared to go the extra mile. It is always advantageous to prove that you are willing to better yourself.

Communicate goals

While asking for a promotion directly is advised against, informing your manager that you wish to advance can be beneficial. If they recognise that you wish to expand and further your career, they can help you progress by giving you training and more responsibilities. If you do not make it known, they might assume that you do not wish to progress further and are happy where you are.

Asking questions will show that you have an interest, not only in the company but in what you do. Some might feel they are overstepping the mark, but a manger might see some potential in you and how you can see improvement.

If there is a role that you are interested, do the research on the position. It will show your eagerness and ingenuity which can all show your willingness. Contacting a financial recruiter can also help you seek improvement for your career. They are on hand to provide support and can help you find the career path that is right for you.

By Harry Price

Harry Price is a avid football fan, using his free time to play in the goalie position in his local football team.