Are Nylabone Dog Chews Safe For Dogs?

safe nylabone dog chewsNylabone dog chews are certainly popular with dogs and dog owners alike, as evidenced by the fact that they presently have a four out of five star review rating on Amazon. There are both chewable and non-chewable bones available on the market and they are available in various sizes, shapes and flavors. They are used by not only average dog owners but have also been sent to Iraq for use by Military canines.

However, despite the fact that they have earned the praise of dog owners the world over, it is important to note that Nylabone dog chews are not as safe as they are made out to be. In fact, the company has received dozens of complaints from angry dog owners whose dogs have died as a result of chewing either edible or non-edible Nylabones.

Dog owners point out that some dogs tend to break off large pieces of these bones, which then become lodged in the dog’s intestines. In the case of edible Nylabones, the pieces can frequently be removed via intestinal surgery, thus saving the dog’s life. Unfortunately, most dog owners whose dogs have swallowed portion of non-edible Nylabones have not survived.

Why Nylabone Dog Chews Cause Death

Non-edible dog chews are made using either plastic or rubber. Dog owners often do not notice that a dog has bitten off a portion of the chew and symptoms caused as a result of the dog chew lodging in a dog’s intestines can be attributed to a wide range of afflictions. What is more, portions of the plastic and rubber chews do not show up on X-rays, which means that veterinarians will not be able to tell that the dog has something lodged in its stomach until it is too late.

Edible dog bone portions also do not show up on X-rays; however, many dog owners have been able to save their dogs by following their “gut instinct” and having surgery done. Unfortunately, young puppies and/or dogs that are physically weak may not survive the surgery.

Can Disaster be Prevented?

Naturally, there are some things a dog owner can do to reduce the odds of a pet dying as a result of chewing a Nylabone. For starters, the company makes age and dog breed recommendations for its products; following these does not guarantee that tragedy will not result (in fact, many dog owners who lost dogs followed these exact instructions) but it does reduce the odds.

It is also extremely important for a dog owner to know exactly what the bone looks like and never allow the dog to chew it unsupervised. If a portion of a non-edible dog bone disappears and the dog later shows symptoms of stomach problems, then immediate medical care is needed.

While Nylabones are still some of the most popular dog bones on the market, they are not as safe as the company makes them out to be. They have been known to cause serious stomach problems for dogs of all ages and types and dog owner should think twice about investing in them for any age or breed of dog.



+Neil Kilgore is the Jack (Russell) of all trades at Greenfield Puppies in Lancaster Pa. He regularly blogs about dogs, breeders and puppies on the Greenfield Puppies website.