Is Professional Dog Training Worth It

Loving DogA dog in my neighborhood has a terrible habit of continuing to bark late into the night! I have often wondered why his owner cannot get him to be quieter. While there are times, when his incessant barking has irked me because it ruined my sleep; at other times, I have found myself feeling terribly sorry for this dog. Dog trainers teach dogs to be calmer and overcome annoying habits! “Didn’t this one’s dog trainer teach anything?” I wondered.

After speaking to his owner, my sympathy for this beautiful Lhasa Apso dog has only increased! Apparently, Lucy-that’s her name, has been trained at home by her master. No, no dog trainer was hired for the purpose! And sadly, as is evident, his master was not able to do a good enough job. Not surprising, considering that his training expertise was based on a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ guide book on dog training!

From this instance, it is obvious, that training your dog all by yourself, without seeking any professional help; unless of course, you are an expert-may not be such a good idea, after all!

Investing in Professional Dog Training Services Offers Long term Benefits

After observing numerous dogs and interacting with their owners, I have an observation to make. Not training your dog professionally may be a risk, that’s simply not worth taking! It is just the same as not sending your child to a school. While it is true that hiring the services of dog trainers will cost you money, it is also a fact, that in the long run, this decision will pay you rich dividends as well.

If you believe, your young dog or puppy is just like a family member, then investing in getting your dog professionally trained, should not be such a worry after all! Dog trainers have the professional skills and the expertise, to create channels of improved communication between dogs, their owners and their environments.

Given that, dog trainers are passionate about dogs and have an instinctive understanding of them, they are better positioned to teach dogs to interact better with humans.

Benefits of Hiring the Services of Professional Dog Trainers:

They are Better Equipped to Train Dogs

•    Dog trainers have the knowledge, expertise and experience to accurately gauge the personality of a dog. Accordingly, they tailor their training approaches to match his/her individual learning abilities, breed, temperament, history and his/her psychology.

They are Experts at Addressing Behavioral Issues in Dogs

•    Professional dog trainers are quick to observe any behavioral traits in dogs that may later become a cause for concern. It may be a behavioral issue like barking, chewing, biting, experiencing separation anxiety, or even being more dominant or aggressive. Dog trainers are equipped with the ability to use appropriate techniques to correct such undesirable behavior, and nip these in the bud. The reason their advice is so valuable is because it is based on rich experience and time tested approaches that work every time!

They Make Dogs Less Aggressive and More Adaptable

•    Dog trainers understand that a dog’s dominant behavior comes to the fore, most in situations, where it feels threatened, agitated, frustrated or uncertain. Dog trainers help dogs overcome an instinctive pack behavior that makes them want to take control of everything. Without using any force, dog trainers are in a position to discipline canines through training sessions and obedience lessons.

They Help Dogs Behave Better in Public

•    If your dog pulls at the leash or barks at strangers every time you take him out for a walk, it’s time you got him professionally trained. Dog trainers are adept at correcting such behavior through a number of methods, like-operant conditioning, progressive reinforcement training and the marker system, besides others. Through these they can help your dog become calmer, as well as much more obedient and stable.

This article was written by Cyrus. M. Huntingtane, a specialist writer on pets, who believes that trainers can help dogs adapt better to their environments.