How To Never Get Locked Out Of Your House Again

Key Chain

Getting locked out of the house is something no one ever wants to think about. But it happens a lot more than you might expect. And of course, when it does happen, it’s at the most inconvenient time possible, whether you need to use the bathroom, or have to answer that ringing phone.

But did you know there are ways to avoid ever getting locked out of your home? It’s true. And you can do it without placing your home or personal security at risk. But first, it may be a good idea to discuss the things that you shouldn’t do to avoid becoming locked out of your home.

 Don’t Hide That Spare Key

There are many seemingly-ingenious items available designed for the clever hiding of spare house keys. Because they look like every day items, these may seem like the perfect solution to avoid ever getting locked out of your home again.

But the unfortunate truth is that spare key hiding devices are known to burglars, as are common places to hide a spare key. So If you’re thinking about putting your key on the door frame above your door, in a flower pot or under the welcome mat, chances are your hiding place will be easily discovered and allow a burglar to walk right in like the own the place.

Don’t Leave Garage Door Openers Behind

Although it’s incredibly convenient to have that garage door opener in your car when you need it, leaving it in the car is not a good idea. Any thief who is able to access your vehicle will also be able to access your garage door opener, which means they can get inside your home and take your belongings virtually effortlessly.

Keep Doors and Windows Secure

While it may be convenient to leave a door or window unlocked in the event you lose your house keys, this is not a good idea. And this is a big no-no even if your windows are located above the ground floor, as thieves will often try and access second floor entrances if those on the first floor have failed them.

Now that you know the ways not to use if you want to avoid getting locked out, it’s time to discuss some better ways to do so.

One Way To Avoid Getting Locked Out

The spare key is always a good idea; it’s where homeowners tend to hide them that can spell good fortune for burglars. Experts recommend keeping spare keys where you normally wouldn’t put a key, but keeping the keys somewhere on your person. And so perhaps a key could be put in your wallet, or in a pocket of your computer bag that you normally don’t use.

Another place to store a spare key is with a trusted friend, neighbor or family member. That way, if you are locked out, all it takes is a quick text, call, or knock on the door.

Think Like A Thief

It may take a little bit more for you to enter your home if you don’t have a spare key. If this is the case, thinking like a thief can help. Your unused credit or other plastic card can act like a key when you slide it in between the door and the jamb. Wriggle it a little, and you might be able to get the card in far enough to depress the latch and open the door.

If you have a pet door installed, this can help you get into your home as well. While you may not be able to fit through the pet door, you can reach the lock on your door with an unraveled hanger or other similar item. Breaking a window is another potential solution, but experts don’t recommend this noisy and expensive method.

If all else fails, it may become necessary to call a locksmith. But at least going this route will not result in a call to local law enforcement, although it may be expensive.


Guest author Emma Prior writes on a variety of topics related to the home security industry. She recommends The Home Security Systems Geek as a resource for consumers looking to educate themselves.