Cane Corso Training For A Guard Dog

Cane Corso is an Italian working dog that was earlier bred for hunting and livestock breeding. The name is derived from the Latin word, Cohors which means ‘guardian’. Apart from being a dog petted for companionship, it is also great as a guard dog. Proper training is required for Cane Corso, just as for any other dog.

To provide the best training for the dog, you should be aware of a few things about the dog.

Understanding the true nature of the Cane Corso:

The first step to training the Cane Corso is to understand its nature. They have a very threatening appearance. They are large in size and assume a very ferocious stance if they see an intruder or get the slightest suspicion from a person. This is because of the origin of their breed. They are very aggressive against dangerous predators. They bark loudly to raise an alarm. But, it is not in their nature to attack the intruder. Their nature of being ferocious killer dogs is grossly oversold. They are good protectors, and can be trained to provide protection.

However, one should not expect them to harm or catch thieves and robbers, because underneath the large appearance, they have a gentle nature. They should be trained accordingly to be good protectors and alarm dogs. They are territorial by nature and will instinctively protect the house.

Attachment with the owner:

Cane Corso craves human proximity more than any other dogs. It is important for the dogs to spend a lot of time with the owners and other family members. Doing so will keep it happy. A happy Cane Corso will be less aggressive. If they are tied inside the house for a long time, it can make them develop anxiety, which is generally manifested through destruction of the household items.

They can also become very detached. If a Cane Corso is given proper care, a strong bond is likely to develop between the dog and its owner, which also makes it better at switching to the mode of a protector whenever it is required.

  • It is also to be remembered that the Cane Corso must be shown its rank in the house. While proper care, love and appreciation is shown to the dog, and the owner considers it as a member of the family, there should still be some boundaries. For example, it should not be allowed to sleep with the owner in the same bed and be given a proper bed at lower level than the owner. If the Cane Corso begins to think that it is at the same position as the owner, it tends to be laid- back, and becomes very aggressive.
  • They can be trained to be less aggressive with guests who are welcome in the house. They generally start to bark when they see strangers, but if the guest can interact with the dog in the presence of the owner, it will learn to be less aggressive.
  • They are also very good with children. They are very tolerant towards tugging tails and ears.

Lastly, daily exercise and walks is a must for these dogs to let their natural body get developed. One of the main reasons these dogs are petted as guard dogs is for their vicious appearance. If fed properly and given proper exercise, they become strong and well- built, muscular dogs that can scare off any thief or robber.

Mark Mendoza is an internationally renowned dog trainer and teacher with 7 years of experience in Cane Corso dog training. His philosophy is harness your dog’s energy to unleash their greatest potential and your own.