Spring Getaway Tips To Get Your Home Ready For When You Are Gone

Beautiful Spring Getaway

When heading out of the area for spring break, a resident will likely have a great time and enjoy his or her vacation. However, a homeowner will have to worry about securing his or her place and protecting the valuables. While this is not easy, it is not impossible.

Here are six things to do before heading out of the house for spring break.

Check security system:

Over the years, a security system may start to falter. With so many electronic parts and other items, a home security system may not work. For this reason, before heading out of town, a homeowner should check it out and make sure it functions properly. If necessary, he or she can call a professional who can fix any issues or install a new system if needed. Either way, when fixing this, one will enjoy peace of mind while away from the house. Remember, a home security system is a great item, and it is wise to make sure it works well.


Ideally, before heading to your destination, you should call the newspaper company and ask them to stop deliveries. Not only that, if possible, you should ask the post office to hold your mail. This usually works if you are going out of town for a short time. Furthermore, when planning the trip, you should remember to avoid buying anything online that might be shipped to the house. With this tip, you will avoid burglars who simply prowl neighborhoods looking for signs that people are gone.

Talk to a neighbor:

If you have a good relationship with your neighbor, you should talk to him or her and mention you are heading out of town. With this, you can alert him or her and give them your cellphone number in case of emergency. This is a great option if you have a good relationship with people in your area as they can check out the house and ensure there are no issues.

Call the police:

Believe it or not, you can ask the police to roll through your area and check things out while you are gone. They often encourage this as a proactive way to prevent problems. To do this, you should call their non-emergency line and ask. Without a doubt, this will help you quell any fears about heading out for so long.

Leave valuables out of plain site:

As mentioned, crooks will often scout an area and look for houses filled with expensive electronics and other items. One way to avoid becoming a victim is to hide expensive and easy to steal items. So, remember, you should hide your laptop and put any jewelry away where nobody can see it. With this, you will go a long way in protecting your house and its contents. Not only that, should the house get robbed, people are unlikely to find everything if you hide stuff well enough.

Fake camera:

Finally, with an inexpensive camera, you can scare off most mischievous people. With this cheap investment, a homeowner can head to his or her favorite destination and not worry about returning to a ransacked house. Since fake cameras are inexpensive, this is a wise investment to make.

With these six tips, a homeowner can head out of town for spring break and come back to their home without any fears or trepidation.

Trevor Moore is family man and an avid traveler. His favorite places to visit are New Zealand and Costa Rica. For more travel tips check out travel-made-simple.com.