Top 5 Traits Of A Reliable Pool Cover

Awesome Pool CoverChoosing a pool cover can be tough since there are so many options, and the best one largely depends on your area and needs. At the same time, looking at the right aspects and asking good questions will help you find the best cover for your pool.


Durability is one of the key elements of a reliable cover. The majority of covers can last about five years or longer, but there are some cheaper ones that just last a year or two. These covers have to block branches, leaves, rainwater and many other things as they shield the water. They must be made of a thick and sturdy material, such as thick vinyl, so that they don’t rip or tear while being used.

If you check the packaging, then it will usually tell you how long the cover should last. Inspect the cover and ensure that the material feels thick and flexible. If it’s thin or unwilling to bend, then it probably won’t last long.


You can’t expect a cover to keep your kids safe, but a good pool cover will increase safety around your pool. Covers that are attached to the pool can often block small children and pets from falling into the water. This is especially true if you get a safety cover, which is specifically made for this situation.

Unsafe covers can be terrible if you have pets or children because they might fall onto the cover and it will wrap around them while allowing water in. This will make it impossible for the pet or child to escape. Pool covers don’t make the best barriers, but good ones will offer some protection.


If you just want an inexpensive pool cover, then it’s best to use one that doesn’t have any additional features. There’s nothing wrong with a cover that just offers the basic service of protecting your pool, but there are covers that have some added bonuses. The safety cover mentioned above is better for families or those who have small pets.

Perhaps the most popular feature comes from the solar cover. These covers are able to heat the water so that you aren’t chilly for the first few minutes. There are also netted covers that are better at catching leaves and automatic covers that are activated with the push of a button.


Even the strongest, most expensive pool covers can rip or tear. Some covers are just defective and they will wear out within a few weeks or months. Regardless of what happens, you should ensure that you have a warranty to keep you safe. A warranty ensures that you can get a replacement cover if the one you bought doesn’t work as well as advertised.

The majority of covers come with a standard manufacturer’s warranty that lasts two or three years. The warranty might cover specific types of damage, or it might cover the product if there is any type of damage. Be sure to understand the terms of the warranty to see if it’s worthwhile. Most covers will last a long time, but a warranty will give you ease of mind because you can get a replacement if something happens.

Proper Size

You need the cover to be the right size. It can’t protect your pool if it’s too small. This might put too much stress on the cover, which can cause it to wear out faster than expected. It’s best to get a cover that’s slightly bigger than your pool. Just a few extra feet should be enough. This makes it much easier to secure the cover, and it ensures that there won’t be any open areas for leaves or sticks.

Speaking of securing the cover, be sure to test the straps or anchors as soon as you buy the cover. If they don’t work well, then immediately return the cover and get another one.


Pool covers will help protect your pool against contaminants and they might have extra features that will improve your experience with the pool. Just be sure to check where to buy pool covers to ensure that it’s durable enough for your needs.

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