Technology In Gaming Purposely Held Back – Why It Happens

retro video gamesIt’s a common misconception to believe you’re playing at the cutting edge of gaming. Unless you have thousands of pounds stuffed in your wallet, you aren’t. In truth, you’re playing at barely 80% of our true capabilities.

60 frames per second is god-like in PC gaming, for example. And it’s something which can only be achieved by the most expensive systems. NVIDIA admitted this, and they want to change it. They’re releasing new technology to help us stop this technological sacrifice.

Even with their new technology, this isn’t solving the problem they’re claiming to solve. It’s just another step forward.

If we can go further, though, why aren’t we doing so?

It’s Still Expensive

Like with anything at the top of an industry, it’s expensive. We can’t do anything about the fact this is something which is really expensive to pull off. Only the top developers can design games to such a high standard they can effectively use all this technology.

Without a development team with the right skills, there’s only so far they can push their games.

Now we know only the top developers design games to the highest levels, we have to wonder why do they not push their games to the highest levels?

Economic Issues

Major developers like Activision Blizzard, EA, and Rockstar have the team, the money, and the time to produce games which use the latest technology. If they made games like this, it would be out of this world. But they don’t.

The amount of money they would have to put into it, and the price per unit they’d have to change, would render their creation unviable for the commercial market.

Another factor we have to take into account are the economic issues of their audiences. This is not a time of economic prosperity. People don’t have a lot of disposable income. It gets a lot harder to convince them to buy a game if they have to put the prices up to cover their higher development costs.

Furthermore, many gamers don’t have the technology to support this new generation. They’re playing on computers which are already a few years old. Only hardcore gamers will be building and playing on computers which can handle the immense graphics and gameplay developers can push out.

If it doesn’t make market sense, they aren’t going to do it. Whilst they might be passionate about gaming, they’re still commercial businesses. If they aren’t making profits, they aren’t doing their jobs.

What Will Change?

Nothing will change. Technology will always push forward at a faster pace than consumers can consume. Apple, for example, sells their iPhones with some minor new features each year. They don’t throw everything they have at one model or they’d only be able to make a new version every few years.

Everything revolves around the capitalist market. These are businesses and it’s better for them if they can slowly release new features to match the average rate at which consumers upgrade their technological devices.

It’s how it’s always worked, and this is going to continue long into the future.

Tom Taylor, a leading game developer, contributed this article. He is also an ardent blogger who shares tips and insights through his articles. He tells his readers to try the games at as they are simple yet exhilarating at the same time.