The Dark Side of Online Trading Tools and Products

The Evil Joker TradingCapitalism allows us to trade almost any ridiculous thing, concrete or intangible, people can put a price tag on. Something like all humans supposed to have the inborn freedom to sell or buy to/from their neighbors, regardless to the crappiness of the commodity.

When the Internet has popped into our lives few decades ago, it eased our ability to practice the trade of trading and our “neighbors” could be oceans far away from our own physical location. Bartering shit had just become a lot way simpler, faster and gigantically scalable.

Trading virtual commodities such as stocks and currencies is blossoming under the conveniently embracing wings of the Web. Just within a few clicks of some buttons, you too can be the proud owner of weird symbols like $AAPL, $MCD or $USD without leaving your comfy couch!

And of course, where’s money to be made, the swindlers are already there.

You don’t need any knowledge! You don’t need any background! You don’t need any education! You don’t need any experience! You don’t need to work hard! You don’t need anything to get to eternal riches! That’s how it works on the unearthly earth of ScamLand!

Promising all the wonders in the world and sucking parts of your soul. Using the seeds of hope to sow misery. Harping the enchanting tunes of financial liberty to pump your finances. Captivating with “proves” and “testimonials” to entice your credit card out. Everything is kosher in ScamLand. Cheating, lying and deceiving are the common M.O.

Here are few examples of totally clanging bullshit trading products, which slyly imply their too-good-to-be-true claims are real:

We invented the ultimative 100% automated Forex Money Machine!

According to Steve Carletti, Here’s how this automatic money-making robot will work for you:

  • Stage 1- Buy the product.
  • Stage 2- ??????
  • Stage 3- Earn tons of cash forever & ever!

Forex trading can make you rich, and that is a fact!

What Marc Walton won’t tell you is that Forex trading can also make you super-poor after vacuuming all your money, and that is a pretty sad fact too!

It’s Here! History’s 1st PATENTED Trading Robot, Using A System That’s Won A Total Of 88.27% Of ALL Trades Since 2006!

…Verify on the GOV domain: CAN NOT BE FAKED!

It actually can be faked pretty easily and I haven’t found any proof for this patent anywhere.

This is a TESTED and PROVEN strategy I’ve been using since November 2010 to make regular, consistent profits every day.

Really, Greg Davis? There’s nothing wrong of being a successful trader, but when you proclaim having “TESTED and PROVEN strategy” you should really have a TESTED and PROVEN strategy, otherwise it’s just strategy and you’re just a liar.

Forex Megadroid™ Indisputably Proves A Robot Can Trade With 95.82% Accuracy In EVERY SINGLE Market Condition And Quadruple Every Single Dollar YOU Deposit

Such a short sentence, so many lies… “Indisputably Proves” (no proof presented and certainly not an indisputable one), “95.82% Accuracy” (if it was true, it was the smartest software ever created), “EVERY SINGLE Market Condition” (not even a valid statement) and “Quadruple Every Single Dollar YOU Deposit” (seriously?).

In order for you to get started you need to know what’s required from you…

Not much! A computer with internet access (from your home, library or internet cafe), and a minimum of just $1 to START MAKING BIG MONEY!

All you need to do is CLICK! That’s it – easy as can be!? CLICK…$10, CLICK…$500, CLICK…$1000 – IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

CLICK… $1 not in the least can make you “big money” on the market, CLICK… easy as can be to lose your underwear, CLICK… It’s never that simple!

Today, Finally, Our PipJet Robot PROVES It All… And We Now Say: It’s Possible To Grow $1,000 Into $43,117 (And in under “X” months)…

Interesting statement… but I have to ask what this “X” means? Is it 12 months? 24? 36? 46,544,545,528? Or perhaps the magical number, 0?

For all those “products” you can find many ecstatically favorable reviews on the Web, but as I already talked about before, allegedly approving online reviews don’t seal as legitimacy confirmation. When encountering such a quizzical review, do yourself a big favor, see if there are any affiliate links hiding inside.