VentureBeat, You Suck!

VentureBeat Suck

You gotta be fucking kidding me. It must be some sort of joke. A hoax maybe. Perhaps it is just a weird blogging trick. No, it can’t be real… it just can’t! But it look so genuine… like they actually meant it… could it be? Is it possible that they were truthfully serious about it?

<begin cynicism>

VentureBeat, one of the most prominent tech news sites, has a new exciting strategy! It is going to change the blogging/journalism/writing world known to mankind! Are you ready for it? From now on… all their posts will be written and reported by their own their own staff of writers! {fucking A!}

But to ensure that this edgy new tactic would be implemented and absorbed smoothly by humanity, they will only do it on Fridays. My not-real-secret-sources tells me that if the initial trial will be carried out effectively, then we might even receive some original reporting on Mondays as well! Tuesdays are still out of the question though (too difficult to write by yourself in the middle of the week).

Watch out CERN and NASA, the real innovators are In Da House!

<end cynicism>

WTF??? How a popular and acclaimed (at least until now) tech news site like VentureBeat can even HINT that its reporting and writing AREN’T original??? Let alone to be so blatantly overt about the fact that most of their reporting is basically just copy-paste scheme? Have non of them had read {or scraped} my blogging questionnaire?

According to VentureBeat’s about page, their team’s headcount stands at 16. A team of 16 different people and they aren’t capable to generate original reporting during six days of the week… what does it say about them as writers? Or as a news publication? Here’s how they define themselves on their about page:

…we’re devoted to exhaustive coverage of the technology revolution.

…VentureBeat has grown into the leading source for breaking news and in-depth reporting…

According to VentureBeat’s reporting-driven Friday own post, it doesn’t seems that anybody on the site is “devoted to exhaustive coverage” or to “in-depth reporting.” It will be interesting to see if VentureBeat will release some follow-up post to clarify this miserable experiment. But until this clarification arrive on some Friday…

VentureBeat, you suckly suck the sucking out of the suckness.