Google+ 100M Active Users and Buys Snapseed, Blogosphere Still Dumb

Google+ Dumb and DumberWhen Google+ had been first introduced to the world in June 2011, I was pretty excited from the possibility that Facebook finally met a new worthy rival. But not so long afterwards, when some studies had shown pitiable usage stats, we all mocked the social networking service a bit.

However, very much have changed since then. Google+ activity rose steadily and more users begun adopting the service sequentially. But the tech blogosphere mostly remained fixed to its previous perception even though many signs have evidently indicated differently. Because sometimes {/most times} bloggers are stupid.

To be fair, Google itself didn’t made it easy as the company’s honchos kept pitching blurry numbers about the service usage, which also included other web properties besides Google+. Yet, bloggers from the popular tech publications, who proclaims journalistic status, should have sought the truth like real journalists.

But they hadn’t because they are NOT genuine journalists. And they are mostly stupid.

Google’s senior VP Vic Gundotra has announced yesterday on his Google+ account about the acquisition of Nik Software, the mother of the photo-editing tool Snapseed. Interestingly, alongside the acquisition announcement Gundotra also mentioned that Google+ now has over 100 million monthly active users. Mind you, solely Google+ without the other properties.

The tech blogosphere largely jumped on this story just as they idiotically jumps on, well, everything… they compared Snapseed to Instagram, even though the two services are different by nature and the comparison isn’t applicable. Why? Because this is a sexy comparison {and because bloggers are mostly stupid}.

As for Google+ 100 million active users- Even though the service is still very far from Facebook’s nearly a billion user-base, 100 million monthly active users IS a big deal. It definitely isn’t just a few Google-junkies who are sharing and +1ing anymore, but a widely diverse user-base which directly visits or Google+ mobile app.

Not surprisingly, the blogosphere coverage was mainly neutral, refusing to awe Google+ increasing activity {and to acknowledge its prior stupidity by derivative}. I would however extricate TechCrunch’s new procurement Drew Olanoff out of the nitwittedness landscape. Drew actually wrote quite an interesting post about Google+ (mis)conception:

So the numbers aren’t 950M+ like Facebook, big deal. Other people talk about how their friends aren’t on Google+, so it must suck. Well, that might be the case for many people, but it’s not for me and many others. I firmly believe that Google+ has nailed the right approach to sharing on the Internet.

It’s not easy to semi-criticize peers and your own co-workers while providing a different gaze (perhaps even opposite) from the industry’s mainstream {dumb as it may be}. All compliments to Drew Olanoff, hopefully more bloggers will be able to exit their narrow mindset bubble.

But I doubt that. Because most bloggers are stupid and very few can offer a unique {and truthful at times} point of view.