Twitter Allows Advertisers To Chase Users’ Interests

Twitter New Bird LogoEven though social networks have changed entirely the way people consume and share information online, they’ve been struggling with the capitalization of their platforms at the same pace as their staggering accelerated user adoption and as the high financial expectations (and sometimes unrealistic) by the commoners.

But languidly, some social networks are advancing towards realizing the ridiculously enormous monetary potential their humongous human data knowledge holds.

Why have I bored/fascinated you with this pompous introduction, you might ask. Because one social networking company had voyaged one step closer to pecuniary fulfillment. Oh, those are indeed jolly days for the micro-blogging maharajah of the web… Twitter had just found another new exciting path to efficient its social platform into more beautiful Benjamins. {suck it, Dalton!}

Hey advertisers, please welcome aboard Twitter’s interest targeting {gasp, gasp, gasp, gasp, middle-aged woman ecstatically faint}! “What are those new interest targeting things?” you probably euphorically wonders, “please explain and elaborate, Mr. blogger!” Alright then…

Those interest targeting things are actually two new methods to fish your desired audience for your Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts ads. The first is category-based targeting option which means you can choose topics your audience is interested in and therefore, will be more likely to engage with your ads.

Twitter Interest Targeting Categories

Twitter says there are over 350 categories advertisers can opt from. On the surface at least, it looks like a great pinpoint method to get fixed on your “marks” but I guess that in the end it really comes up to how Twitter’s algorithms accurately identifies and classifies what are the interests of users.

The second option is a bit peepy one… It lets you target your audience based on the pattern of another user’s followers. For example, if you want to aim towards audiences who likes Hollywood’s gossip you can set this option to @PerezHilton, or if your targeted audience likes to consume shitty tech information you can set this option to @mashable.

Twitter informs that according to beta advertiser testers, those new interest-based targeting options produces high rates of user engagement, so admittedly it strikes as a very promising possibility which may take advantage Twitter’s social graph data better than ever before.

Oh, and… (draw your wallet)

Another interesting new announcement from the 140 characters ruler is that the minimum bid of ads has been reduced to one lousy cent (from fifty). Twitter hopes that the abated rates will hook more smaller-scale advertisers which will join the auction race. If the new ad-targeting options really does perform as Twitter says, it just might live up to its own fervent expectations.

{middle-aged woman resurrected after seen the beaming godly targeting light}