Hide Your Foolishness With Facebook Comment Editing Option

Almost any person who is just the slightly active on Facebook is familiar with this super-annoying scenario: You invest a lot of thought and possibly some time to comment on a post on the social network and right after you posted it you realize you made a stupid mistake like writing “then” instead of “than”.

After you’ve cursed yourself and the social networking gods a bit, you had to go over the following irritating process to make your virtual voice heard like your intended to: Delete > Write the comment all over again > Double/triple check your comment > Post > Pat yourself on the shoulder for completing this complicated task

But behold… Glory days have finally arrived! The folks at Facebook have grasped how fu*ked up this whole situation is and they are now making it possible to edit existing comments! The Sisyphean delete-and-repost days have finally ended! All hail brother Zuckerberg!

To edit an existing (silly) comment, you should hover over the comment and click on the pencil icon on the top-right corner (indicates “Edit or Delete”), choose “Edit” and revive your comment in a way people won’t find you ridiculously foolish.

Facebook Edit Comment

But wait… What if someone has changed his comment which a whole discussion rounds around it? This discussion could immediately turn out to be confusing and illogical! Well, the Facebook guys thought about that too and will grant the option to view the comment’s edit history. So you won’t be able to vanish your stupidity completely (but you could at least hide it).

We’re informed that at the moment the comment editing option won’t be available on Facebook’s commenting system for websites (like we have here in Working Home Guide) and neither on the social network’s mobile platform.

That’s too bad because the commenting system is hugely popular (recently also introduced within the official WordPress plugin) and most of Facebook users are using mobile devices. But I guess that after the pilot stage will be over, comment editing will expand to those platforms as well.

By the way, comment editing was already available on Google+ FOR AGES (well, since it was launched in mid 2011).