Facebook Dominates The Social Login Market Across The Web (Q1 2012)

It’s pretty amazing how social networks have eliminated almost completely the websites’ traditional login and today, almost all login features on the web are social. That leads the top web companies for a new fierce battle on third party sites playground. So, who is winning?

We may find the answer on a new report about social login trends of the first quarter of 2012, by the social media management platform Janrain. To reveal what is the most preferable social login, the company have examined 365,000 websites which are using the platform’s Engage tool.

As it turns out, Facebook is by far the most popular social login with 45%. Second, and pretty far behind, is Google with 31%. It means that nearly four out of five social logins use either Facebook or Google. Yahoo and Twitter have 9% each and all others are splitting the remaining 6%.

Social Logins Top Social Sites

For the past two years or so Facebook climbed from nothing to the most popular social login while Google, which dominated this arena until around late 2010, managed to stop its steep decline and gaining in the last two quarters. Twitter and Yahoo are showing opposite trending as Twitter is slowly increasing and Yahoo slowly descending.

When breaking it down to industries, Facebook is the most dominant social login on each one where its strongest login presence is among music sites with over 60% of them and its weakest login presence is among retail sites with “just” 43%, which is still considerably high.

Another interesting and fast growing platform is of course mobile. According to the report’s findings, Facebook is even more dominant when it comes to mobile applications social login with 49%. Google is still second but weaker with 25% and Twitter’s presence is slightly higher with 15%.

Social Logins Top Sites on Mobile

But what about actual sharing to the social networking sites? In this area there are currently only two main players- Facebook with about 55% and Twitter with almost 40%. Google+ data not appearing and it isn’t clear if it’s because they were too low or simply because they weren’t measured.

Social Sharing Top Sites Q1 2012

Facebook strong numbers shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody. As the most popular social network with more than 900 million users it simply logical that both site owners and visitors will prefer using Facebook as their social login, where they could reach for as much people as possible.

However, I have a feeling that this arena is just about to begin hitting up. Google already reported to launch its own blog commenting platform later on this year which may cause many site owners and perhaps many users to switch.