Pinterest Overview Infographic – Users, Traffic, Top Brands and More

Since I covered Pinterest for the first time just a few months ago, it simply refuses to exit my agenda. In fact, it is so hysterical lately that I just had to post some overview and statistics about this incredible image-based social networking site.

To do so, I was looking for something a little more Pinterest-suitable, meaning visual. And what better way to present visual stats than a well-designed infographic? So, I browsed and browsed and finally encountered a great infographic to show an overview about Pinterest.

The creator of the infographic is the advertising agency from south Florida, MDGadvertising (also operates in New York) and it’s called “Pin It To Win It – A Marketer’s Guide To Pinterest”. Here are some of the infographic data (with some additions and recent updates of mine):

Most of Pinterest’s users are female. According to different measurement services, female users constitutes as 80%-87% out of the total.

Pinterest’s users age is overall pretty varied when 80% are divided between three age groups from 25 years of age to 54 years of age (Google’s DoubleClick Ad Planner data).

56% of the social network’s users have a yearly household income of at least $50,000 and 23% of the site’s users have a yearly household income of at least $23,000 (Google’s DoubleClick Ad Planner data).

Pinterest is the fastest standalone site to surpass the 10 million monthly unique visitors (January 2012- 11.7 million) and it is only second to Google+ in general.

While in January 2012 Pinterest generated referral traffic to websites almost as Twitter and Google (the stats in the infographic), in February it already surpassed both of them.

Top brands on Pinterest (updated stats):

  • Etsy- 65K+ followers, 1000+ pins.
  • Real Simple- 51K+ followers, 2000+ pins.
  • Better Homes and Gardens- 30K+ followers, 1200+ pins.
  • Whole Foods Market- 20K+ followers, 700+ pins.
  • West elm- 17K+ followers, 1100+ pins.
  • Michaels Stores- 8K+ followers, 700+ pins.
  • Birchbox- 5K+ followers, 1700+ pins.
  • Scholastic- 2K+ followers, 1300+ pins.

Be sure to read all the other stuff on the infographic like the Pinterest “lingo” and the suggestions to make Pinterest work for you. Here’s the infographic:

Pinterest Overview Infographic