AdSense: Mobile Ads Core Component, Ad Recommendations and Goodbye AdSense For Domains

Google AdSense Nice LogoAfter just the other day I presented a round of AdWords updates for advertisers, today I want to present the latest round of updates of its sister, AdSense, for publishers- Mobile ads have been migrated into the core product, ad units auto optimization recommendations and AdSense for domains is shutting down.

Mobile Ads Entering The Core Product

Google launched AdSense for mobile already back in 2007 as a separate product when mobile internet browsing was still pretty rare. As time went by, mobile usage has grown immensely and mobile internet browsing entered the mainstream. Therefore, the justification for the separation disappeared.

And so, Google has announced in AdSense Blog that it is migrating all mobile ads into the main core product (AdSense for content). From now on, mobile ads can be created directly from the main dashboard alongside all other ad unit sizes as you can see in the following screenshot:

AdSense Mobile Ads To AdSense For Content

Google is requesting from all mobile ad publishers (except for sites built for WAP browsers) to transfer their ads from AdSense for mobile to AdSense for content until May 1st, 2012.

Specific Ad Units Optimization Recommendations

About two weeks ago, Google presented personal performance suggestions for publishers and yesterday the company introduced another way it will suggest publishers how to optimize ads for greater revenue, this time automatically and directly in the publisher’s account.

From the next few weeks, publishers will begin seeing under their “Home” tab in their account, recommendations for optimizing specific ad units. Here are two example for ad units recommendations:

AdSense Ad Optimization Recommendations

The recommendations will be generated by a special simulation program that will identify if the ad can generate more revenue in another way (different type or format). Following the recommendations suppose to be easy and directly from the recommendation itself.

Goodbye AdSense For Domains

I never really understood the logic behind AdSense for domains. Google was always fighting against sites that shows ads only but this product was actually encouraging this phenomenon. Hell, it even hosted the “undeveloped domains” on Google servers so they will be able to show (only) ads!

But now, Google is finally closing this conflicted product. On a page in AdSense help section, the company has announced that after evaluating the benefits (translation: Money) it decided to retire AdSense for domains (translation: It didn’t generate enough money) in a few stages:

  • February 22nd- Not accepting new sign ups. Existing publishers will still be able to use the service.
  • March 21st- Publishers will not be able to add new domains and channels.
  • April 18th- NO MORE ADS!
  • June 27th- Shutting down the program completely except for the reports that will shut down on April 18th, 2013.

Either as a user and either as an online business owner I can say, good riddance!